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Fabric Vintage kitchen stuff candles
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty So not in Earthy Mama? Or do you just want me to match you with Nic? Quote: Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ You can always call me, Angie. Or however everything works out. I don't mind being Angie's buddy but also wouldn't mind having another buddy, if it works out that way. Yeah, put me with Nic and she can have someone else, too!
I won't know until Monday if I have to have a c/s (in which case, that will be in 2-3 weeks) or if my placenta has migrated, in which case my edd is 11/24. I just planned on calling Nic (Demeter) since we know each other very well from another board.
I have them all the time. My last one was horrifying and I HATE that I still strongly remember them.
Quote: Originally Posted by treeoflife3 soulemama is everything I wish I could be bahaha. She is seriously great. Me too! I wish I knew her secret to making it look like there are 36 hours in her day and still have the energy to do all that she does!
For parents of tweens: The one kid in her class who you don't trust your kid around, is the one she ALWAYS talks about and ALWAYS gets invited over to her house.
I am a very affectionate person. We don't grope in front of the girls, but definitely lots of hugging, kissing, and snuggling.
They usually don't mention previa until the 20 week anatomy scan. I had marginal at 20 w and then again at 28 w. They are going to check once more at 36 w before they talk section.
My midwife prescribed me Zoloft.
With my second, I was about 24 weeks. I never did have to wear maternity pants. With this one (my third)-the day before I got the BFP-one day after my missed period.
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