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Here she is sleeping alone.
Just shy of 8 weeks old.
dakipode, it's a nap time thing. When I can get her to sleep alone at night, which is rarely, she's in a pack n play next to my bed, on her back, with a blanket only up to her waist... Since I won't be checking on her constantly like I can during naps.
That is a lot. I get 4-5oz total per pumping session. I wouldn't be mad about that though.
30lbs down, 10lbs to go.
How she's been sleeping since birth. I couldn't get her to sleep any other way. Until I gave her something else to cuddle. WOO!
I'm just waiting for approval, Amanda.
He's bitter because my dad is also POA over their finances. He doesn't think my dad is going to give him his half of the inheritance after they die. When my dad told him they were spending his inheritance right now to live at the nursing home, he got mad and told him to either give him his half now before it's gone or to put them in a state facility so they don't have to pay for it out of pocket. And he's a drug addict POS. He lives his life to use and abuse other people....
My Dad, but only at one hospital and my uncle made sure they didn't take her to that one because he knows my dad has POA at that one.
So my Grandma is at the hospital because of a possible stroke. Apparently my uncle, that stole from her, happened to call while the paramedics were there and met her at the ER. Now he's not answering our calls and the nursing home won't tell us anything because we don't have medical POA. We don't even know what hospital she's at and no hospital will tell us anything. I've left him six voicemails. He keeps ignoring my calls. I hate him a little more each day.
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