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Joanie, they're switching over to a new one so it doesn't matter. The one they made won't be the one we use. Work is dead. I'm fighting sleep hard right now. I need coffee. Sorry about the ear infection, Jaimee. Abra, that's awesome news about the adoption!!!
My girl was 7lbs5oz at birth and is 11lbs now at almost 7 weeks. I quit spotting at three weeks!!! I went eight weeks with my son. We've had sex three times. I still have 14lbs to lose, but my boobs are huge, so I'm sure they're a part of that.
That's what I said, it's her wedding, her day, not mine. It just kind of hit me hard that she'd prefer her friends over her siblings. We aren't close but we aren't distant, either. She lives in KC so that plays a huge factor in our relationship. My little sister is taking it much harder than I am because my older sister was her MOH and now she's not in her wedding at all. Heading to work. DH said he's not looking forward to watching both kids all day. I said, "... No...
Oh. Fun story. My sister that just got engaged called me the other night and asked if I would mind standing by the guest book and make sure everyone signs it. She's not having any family in her bridal party, only friends. She said if she had done both, her bridal party would have been too big. Am I wrong for being a tad upset?
Add me! I registered. I feel like a zombie today. I really gotta get my work groove back. Layla insisted on waking up at 9a... Just to fall asleep as soon as I got up. Coffee.
Man, it feels good to be back at work and making money. The babysitter is doing great. She had Conner asleep at 9p and Layla has been asleep, laying down, NOT BEING HELD, since 10p. Baller status.
I like this. Haha.
Even though we aren't very active, I wanted to go ahead and make this just in case people still wanted to talk. We finally got all of our hospital bills... It ended up being just shy of $4000 out of pocket for us. Ouch. I go back to work tonight! =) How's everyone else? My girl is almost seven weeks old now.
One for pictures?
New Posts  All Forums: