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I'm also okay with either. I think more privacy would be fantastic, but I'm not going anywhere if we can't get it. I'll follow the group.
I won't get an official start date at the new place until the end of November/beginning of December. By the time they officially offered me the position, my boss had already put out November's schedule. They only staff to absolute necessity, so I didn't want to screw her and the new job was cool with it.I am ready. I obviously have mixed feelings because I love spending time with my kids, but I'm ready. I'm ready to 1) Start contributing financially. 2) Get life back into...
Mal, Thursday is Conner's birthday then I go back to work Friday and work during the day on Saturday and Sunday. I can come Friday, but it'd have to be a morning/early afternoon thing. I have to leave for work around 445/5p, so I couldn't be there any later than 2p. So if you're cool with a daytime thing, I can come down. We're in Chattanooga, 5 hours away. We're doing our first stop now. Passenger of mine is hungry. Both kids have been sleeping since we left but Conner...
Mal, when are you going to be there? My cousin is fine. 8lbs9oz, 21" long. I wanted to be on the road right now... My friend isn't here yet. I'm a little annoyed.
Mal, if you get desperate enough, I'm only two hours from STL. =) Good morning. Today is drive home day. Hopefully it goes as well as the ride here did. But I'm not expecting anything, that way I can't be disappointed. Jaimee, I'm jealous of your determination. I wish I could get myself to do that. I need someone with me to make me go. My co-worker works out at the gym I'm joining one I go back so she'll be that person for me. I just need to figure out safe exercises...
I'm down to 164! 14lbs to go!
5 weeks old.
And my cousin that made all of my bad birth memories come back is having a c-section. She pushed for two and a half hours and the baby wasn't coming down anymore. They said he's getting stuck on her pelvic bone.
My older sister just got engaged. They're still here, not flying out until morning. They went to dinner then went on a walk when they got back here. He asked her on their walk. This is when I insert those dancing emoticons... If I were on a computer.
Conner's birthday is Thursday, Halloween. And we're supposed to have severe thunderstorms. Awesome. I am still undecided on a party. We really can't afford it but I feel bad for him...
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