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Amber, what sizes are you? I can mail you my maternity clothes. I don't think the answer was harsh. It's also how I feel, but then I get mad at myself for taking the drugs without educating myself. Had I known it could stall my labor, I would have stayed far away from it. Another c-section is honestly a huge part of me not wanting more children. I'm just mad at myself, my body, and my doctor. I get over it then someone else has a baby and it all comes back. Thanks for...
I checked it out while I was pregnant but haven't been since. I'll look again.
I should probably see a therapist about my birthing issues. I feel like such a failure all of the time because of it. Seriously, every time someone has a baby "the right way" I go through it all over again. All I can think about is that I would have been one of those women that died during childbirth back in the old days, before c-sections existed. I think I'm going to try to find one that specializes in post partum women and their issues. My cousin is currently 8cm and...
Good luck, Joanie. I'm glad you're quitting your current job regardless, it sounds bad for your mental health. I'm glad you're able to swing it. You must be wanted with so many people calling you back. I'm sure you'll find something quickly. Mal, I must have missed your post... Where are you going? Why are you going alone?
Sorry for the disappointment, but I'm glad your body finally gave you some closure.I'm self conscious right now, too. I have more hangover my pants stomach flab than I ever have. I just try to remind myself that I just had a baby six weeks ago, but it doesn't really help... I plan on going to the gym after work once I go back. I don't want to diet at all though because of the whole breastfeeding thing.I'm still 14lbs over my PP weight, but it's all sooo loose. My stomach...
She drove down with her husband and child. I brought a friend whose family happens to live thirty minutes from my parents, so she's visiting with them while we're here. She was an awesome help on the way... Giving Conner snacks or whatever he asked for. I'm glad I decided to bring her, it definitely helped the drive.
DH wants one more, in like five years. I'm done. LOL But I told him I'd reevaluate in five years.
Congratulations, Abra!!! That's super exciting. Yay for sleep, Sara!!! Hi Kali and Anthia. I hate how microfiber feels on my fingers. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard. Bleck. Last night was the best night of sleep I've gotten this trip. Conner went to bed at 11p, which is 10p at home and slept until 9a, 8a home time. I slept the same. Fabulous. My younger sister leaves today. My older sister leaves early tomorrow morning, then I'm leaving tomorrow after lunch....
http://twentytwowords.com/2012/11/16/awesome-dad-arranges-trick-or-treating-for-his-son-who-cant-eat-candy/ Here's the story.
I'm just hanging around, listening to my family complain about other family. LOL Ash, I saw an article about a dad that went around the neighborhood and gave all the neighbors stuff that was safe for his kid and told the neighbors what the kid's costume was going to be. Is it plausible for you to do something like that?
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