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Congratulations, Sophigirl!  Sounds like you've been through a scary time.  I love your girls' names.  Sending good wishes and prayers your way for an uneventful and as short as possible stay in the NICU. 
We've cloth diapered all our kids, including the twins, except for #1.  It is so super easy with newborns.  Because the poo is so highly liquid, you don't need to pre-rinse it, just throw it into the wash.  Sometimes people would give us a package of disposables here or there and I always ended up with blowouts in the early months.  I've almost never had a blowout with a cloth diaper.  So I figure, would I rather wash poop out of clothes or out of diapers? ;)  If you are...
I can understand how overwhelming this news must be.  Raising multiples is intense.   Are you sure you can handle the psychological stress of a reduction?  You have enough time to put support plans into place to help you raise them.  If you don't have enough friend and family support, PM me and I will help you find the support you need in your area.  
I wish I could separate mine right now.  But as it is, they room in with older sister.  Lucy is my bright-eyed little girl who doesn't seem to ever want or need to sleep.  Lily is just the opposite.  As soon as Lucy is awake, she makes sure Lily is awake, too, even if that is 4am.  :(  
I think you'll know very, very soon.  LOL  Come back and update us, whether you find out by birth or U/S. 
Lovely photos and girls! :D
Almost all my gain was 2nd trimester.  I hardly gained anything in the third trimester.  At one point, I got sick and actually lost weight for a couple weeks.  It just gets so hard to eat enough towards the end, so be sure you do everything you can to put the weight on while you can.  Protein shakes are your friend. :)
Welcome, Morgan!  
No, I didn't have any scans before 19 weeks.  That's the earliest I've ever had an Ultrasound, so I don't really know what is typical for earlier ones. :)
I totally did that, too.  And then would stop and correct myself.  It's maddening, and my midwife suggested we just wait and we'd know soon enough, but it was way too much torment.  I am not someone who jumps to ultrasounds, but I knew my uncertainty, and frame of mind weren't healthy.  I also knew that we would have to make special considerations for the birth because of my distance from midwife (and all hospitals) and history of rapid labors, combined with the probable...
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