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Congrats on the boys!  They are so sweet.
I only gained a couple pounds those last weeks.  In fact, I think the babies were gaining faster than I was.  My arms and legs were thinner at the end of my pregnancy than before it, and I gained more than 40 pounds total.   I birthed at 38 weeks.
Awwwww.  Congratulations.  
I can speak to the manual manipulation without an epidural.  I had both an external version and then a full "fetal" extraction with twin B at home, where I delivered B's entire body along with the midwife's arm behind her butt.  The worst part about the version was lying on my back.  I never do this in labor (after my first) because it is excruciating for me.  But others do not have the same reaction.  However, the baby ended up jack-knifed with both head and feet at the...
The first unusual signs that had me suspecting...at eight weeks, I could already palpate my uterus, which typically isn't palpable until at least 10 weeks.  At 9 weeks, acquaintances in several different instances were asking if I was pregnant again.  I was also experiencing intense supine hypotension, which I had never had even full term with any of my other pregnancies.  But most of all, I began feeling distinct movement at 12 weeks, with one jab on my lower right hip...
Sounds like you have plenty, to me.  I wash whenever I have a full load, which with twins is at least every other day, so needed fewer than I thought I would.  
My midwife was leaning toward 'wait and see' with me too, but the not knowing was driving me insane.  Mind you, I have had 6 previous pregnancies and only one US, so this was a major decision for me.  I finally insisted that one be arranged and got in at 19 weeks which confirmed what I knew since I was 9 weeks and showing.  I really needed that confirmation, because I hadn't been gaining weight, but I had enough padding for a singleton it wouldn't have been a big deal,...
In my experience, mucus takes predominance over temp or any other symptom.  If you were experiencing fertile-quality mucus, you were still fertile on the 11th.  No matter what your temp says (because there are a variety of things that can throw that off), if you are avoiding you should continue abstaining until 3 days of mucus dry-up.  Like you, we learned NFP with the intention of trying to conceive in a few months time.  We conceived the month before we had decided to...
I don't think the minipill would impact the result of a pregnancy test.  The test is for HCG.  Phantom pregnancy movements are not unusual.  
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