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From experience, 3 to 4 is not as big a transition as 2 to 3.  Also, as your older children get older and start having some responsibility around the house, it eases some of the burden off you (though it changes as you become supervisor over their tasks, rather than the do-er).  You won't regret the child you do have, you may regret the child you don't have.  :) 
I have a family history.  My mom is a fraternal twin.  I wanted twins since I was 7.  My grandma was 33 when she had her twins, and I was 33 when I had mine.  My sis is 33 now, so I hope she is careful.  She does NOT want twins.  LOL  My first visit to my back up OB she mentioned that yams are correlated with an increase in twins, not sweet potatoes, it has to be the regular consumption of yams.  
Oh, that was the worst part!  We had to get rid of our dog because I developed such bad allergies that I could only breathe in my bedroom, where she never had been allowed or outside.  My airways swelled all the way down into my lungs, never mind the limited lung capacity from my swelling abdomen.  I play clarinet in our community band, and it was such a struggle.
As Emelee says, whichever baby is labeled 'A' just indicates who is closest to the cervix.  In my entire pregnancy, my Lucy was always baby 'A', and she was born first.  It is possible, depending on how everything is situated, that at some point A and B can switch places, making A->B and B->A.  But A is just an indicator of who is closest to the cervix.  I would hazard a guess that if someone states that B was born first, what they are saying is that A and B at some...
Congrats!  One of my twins is also Lily, and one of the set (3 weeks younger than mine) across the street is also Lily (Lilian, though).  My 13 yo DD brought home a fiction book from the library about B/G twins, who is named,,,,you guessed it!  Lily.  Weird.  :D  Love the picture!  They are just beautiful.
Your twins sound like my kids.  I haven't met those sort who 'never get into anything' either.
A thread for the advice you won't necessarily read in books.     When Twin A has a super dooper, sticky, stinky poo and you want to give her a bath, remember that Twin B is on the same diet.  Wait 30 min.  It's so much easier to clean up before a bath rather than during.    Toddlers have a death wish.  But twins, they're looking for murder/suicide.  When Twin B discovers a new life-threatening trick, she teaches it to Twin A.  And Twin A returns the...
My girls are 18 mo now!  I can't believe how time flies.  They have such cute, and slightly weird, personalities.  One's such a goofball and the other just loves to laugh, so they are a great pair.  Lucy loves to sing and Lily loves to dance.  Lucy puts things away and Lily dresses herself (almost).  The hardest part about twins at this age is the way they teach each other things.  One will figure out one fun, neato, dangerous new trick, and then the other will figure...
I am so, so, so sad for her!  She and her family are in my prayers.
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