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My former step-mother was told she couldn't have babies because her uterus was tilted.  Low and behold, when she and my dad had been married for 6 or 7 years, and I was pregnant with my third baby I got a phone call informing me that she was pregnant!  Fast-forward two more years, and the baby wasn't my dad's after all.  But anyway...yeah, doctors can be conclusive, and wrong.
I agree with the pp.  Moving is a pain.  I've done it more times than I can count.  But I imagine you could be in serious trouble if you took the voucher and let your friend move in.
Hugs to you!  We went through Whooping Cough when my now 4yo was 8 mo.  It was terrifying at first, and then a long haul for her to get well.  It was close to eight weeks of coughing, predominately at night.  What I did to keep the mucus from invading her lungs was every episode, I would hold her in the baby Heimlich position and thump her back as necessary.  Truly exhausting, but we got through it.  My twins currently have chicken pox, and I hope they wait a few years...
Oh, and it's more modified football, baby's body not directly next to my body, but stretched out down the couch more.
Mine tandem all the time, even now at almost 18mo.  If one sees the other nursing, she's not far behind.  We usually have one cradle and one football.  The football often lays her head on top of cradle baby, and there is one baby that tolerates being laid on better than the other, for sure.  Sometimes cradle will scoot out enough to lay on the outside to avoid being laid on.  Now that they are toddlers, though, we also have the oh-so-fun 'let's climb down while we're...
I'm another whose hunch was right as well.  I suspected from 8 weeks, but didn't confirm by US until 19 weeks.  Make sure you update when you find out one way or another. 
I agree, still lots of time for movement.  If you can manage, you can try to increase that space by using the knee-chest position for 10-15 min a day or so (or as long as you can stand it).  Stick your tush way up in the air and your shoulders on the floor.  I've heard of this position being effective even in labor (with singletons) as it allows gravity to pull babe out of the pelvis a bit.  Can't see any reason it wouldn't work with twins.  Room gets tight, but not that...
I think the pillow would be too high to be any good if propped on top of the arm rests.  
  Yes, that's it exactly!  I've been reading The Series of Unfortunate Events books for very light summer reading, and I'm pretty sure one of my twins is Sunny Baudelaire.  OUCH!!  (still nursing at 17mo and counting) 
Ours shared a crib-sized cosleeper until right around a year.  I put them down short ways, so they had lots of side to side room, and as they grew their feet stretched into our bed.  Daddy built the co-sleeper, so there was no gap to worry about. 
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