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Never did the recliner thing, either.  That would definitely make me nervous, but we did cosleep with a sidecar arrangement with our twins.  For the early weeks, I mostly just sat up against my headboard and snoozed while my twins nursed and slept on the EZ2nurse pillow.  When my dh/oldest ds (14y) woke up, they'd take them down for a couple hours and let me get some solid, alone sleep.    
We're nightweaning our 17mo g/g twins, too.  One sleeps through most nights, and I really don't have a problem nursing her on the odd night she wakes, but her sister is a nipple-twiddler and I cannot sleep through while she nurses, and she comfort nurses for HOURS.  So instead of bringing her to bed anymore, my dh started taking her downstairs.  The first two nights she was MAD, and screamed for hours with dh holding and rocking her, but by the third night she accepted...
5 mo :( + 14 + 119 (6 children, overlapping and still nursing 17 mo old twins) = 138 mo
Please pray.  Dear Catholic friends of ours just lost their child four days before the scheduled induction.  It sounds like it was an abruption, and I'm not certain if mom is out of ICU yet.
You're okay by me! 
sarahsmiles, I'm glad to hear it went so well!  There will undoubtedly be good days and bad days, but your faithfulness will be rewarded.  How sweet of your little girl to be so active in sharing the faith with her brother!
My girls were confirmed at 19 weeks.  I'm not a fan of ultrasounds, and even refuse the doppler for heart tones in a singleton pregnancy.  With the twins, if we couldn't get both heartbeats, I would consent to doppler.  I consented to a second scan for growth and a third scan for position.  We chose to induce at 38 weeks by ROM because of my history and location; I preferred to have my twin birth assisted, and otherwise would have had a significant risk of labor and...
On the other hand, premature delivery offers no risks at all.     
In defense of Drew, my husband works right around the corner from the studio and personally interviewed Drew for a school project while he was working on his digital media degree.  He is a faithful, committed Catholic man, and graciously agreed to the interview with very little notice.  He is prayerful and has a deep devotion to Our Mother, and was able to share some of this deeply held beliefs and how he has witnessed the work of the Holy Spirit in his life and others....
Welcome home, tinybutterfly!  This board's policy on sharing blog links confuses me, but I'd like to invite anyone interested to stop over by my blog:  Authentic Catholicism.  We're a bunch of converts in love with the Church. :)
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