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Wow. I could have written your post word-for-word about six months ago, except that my reservations were more about finances. Then baby #2 was born two months ago and suddenly I can't imagine *not* doing this again. I definitely want a third now, no doubt about it!
My daughter has been sleeping on the top bunk of this:   http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10123996   since she was 3. We have the tent over it as well. She's done fine going up and down alone! (It's not as high as typical bunk beds, though.)
Josie was 6lb 15oz at birth and blew me away when she measured 8lb at two weeks!
Not sure how long ago you delivered, but my mw told me to expect to pass a huge clot about 6 or 7 days out. I ended up passing one (bigger than a golf ball- I was shocked!) the day after I delivered, and assumed I'd just passed "the big clot" early. My bleeding has been light to medium since then (2 weeks ago).
I haven't read through all these responses, but wanted to offer a quick reply re: my birth two weeks ago. I read the hypnobirthing book and considered the classes, but I was really put off by the "painless" aspect of it also. It really made it seem like the book was implying that pain in childbirth is something that us modern, western women created and that pain simply wasn't a part of "normal" childbirth. I didn't like how the book gave such a specific "one way" to give...
Hey ladies! I haven't been a frequent poster, but I've been lurking around for a few months and decided to go ahead and post my birth announcement/story. I've been so excited reading all of yours!   Here's the story I originally posted on my blog (edited just a bit):   I’m still in the hospital. It’s 8:22pm and DH left almost an hour ago to be home with DD. Josie’s here in my lap, with a bout of the hiccups, right around the time she often had them in utero each...
I definitely belong here! I've been having regular, nightly ctx for WEEKS- they usually last an hour or more. The past week or so, I've had several random, painful contractions out of nowhere. It never amounts to anything, though. Every time I wake up at night, my first thought is whether or not I'm in labor. (I never am!) So today I've DTD, gulped down an ultra-strong cup of RLT, swallowed some EPO, and spent a solid hour stimulating the nips. AND I've been having...
I've been coaxing baby to stay put until tomorrow so that DD could enjoy tot'ing for the first time. I was hoping all of our walking tonight would get things going... I guess we'll see. I feel good except I'm pretty sure I have a UTI. Yesterday it was extremely uncomfortable all day, but today hasn't been as bad. I'm going to call my mw in the morning if I'm still having issues. I'm really, really, REALLY hoping baby makes a move this week! As of NOW, I'm ready. I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metasequoia I love the name Josephine! Will you call her Josie? Love it. Thanks! Everyone *already* calls her Josie, which is fine by me!
Quote: Originally Posted by Liora Why can't "long vagina" have the same connotation as "long penis"?
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