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  I really like this idea. I want to get her fun stuff, but also practical, without going way overboard.   Right now I'm getting DD a copy of On the Night You Were Born http://www.amazon.com/Day-You-Were-Born/dp/015205944X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1291095179&sr=8-3 This really awesome Eric Carle lion puppet (he's even cuter in person) http://www.amazon.com/Kids-Preferred-World-Carle-Puppet/dp/B000UHAF3U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=office-products&qid=1291095210&sr=8-1 and...
Thank you! It turned out not to be an ear infection, thankfully, just a really nasty version of the flu, probably with some teething thrown in as well. Now I'm dealing with it....but at least she is on the mend :)
Vertical storage is your friend! I swear every time I get a new book shelf my house gets neater. You need baskets or some kind of storage bin on them for collections of toys, miscellaneous junk etc, but stuffed animals could just live on the shelves as is. Just an idea but how about putting up shelves in the back of the closet behind where the clothes hang, so things don't end up piled on the floor? I would definitely go for a net to collect the stuffed animals.   We...
I think DD, 21 months, has an ear infection, but my pediatrician closed early today so I can't take her in to check. How did your child's ear infection present itself?
When your 20 month old will tell you there is something "gross" on the underside of a shelf in the fridge (this she learned after hearing it twenty times while trying to get over my shoulder to touch the bottom of the fridge I was scrubbing (finally) "Don't touch please, it's gross!"
I only use soap on her face (and body) if she's been eating something with oils in it- like pesto, in which case it's everywhere! Or pen that isn't easily removed. Otherwise, just water.
I don't give DD (20 mo) crayons because she eats them! And throws a fit when I try to take them away. Of all things we stick to pens and colored pencils because she seems to try to ingest them the least! Would love to do paints but I'm afraid to!
Mine too, where do they go, and how does she manage to destroy them?   I like the experiences idea, it's just hard to convince them not to buy more STUFF. A zoo pass would be great!
I'm starting to look at gifts for DD, who is 20 mo. I'm planning on getting her one of the wood kitchens on amazon from educo, and some play food to go along with it.  think she'd be happy even if I didn't get her anything at all, just more time to bake, go out for walks, jump on the bed, read books. I'm wondering what everyone is getting for their LOs. Anyone do a minimalist gift giving? It's not really a religious thing for us, more tradition, and I know she'll be...
When people discuss meal plans they usually talk about dinners, which oddly is the thing I have the least problem with. What do you do for lunch and dinner? Especially vegetarian ideas (we do eggs and dairy). Oh, and to make it more challenging my daughter won't eat bread (or cookies, or pastry). I'm struggling to get some variety in our diet, as she rejects most new things. I think her nutritional needs are being met, but I'm going crazy living off of whole wheat pasta...
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