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How exciting!  You all are adorable!!  
I think it's great that you're showing her what it looks like to take care of yourself!  Since she's only eight, I would consider waiting to tell her too much until you know more details.  Keep us updated on your journey!
Hi!  You could look at attach.org, emdr.com, or emdria.org...
Amy Hughes is a therapist and blogger who just started a new infertility blog called, Preserving Hope.  Amy (and her husband, Chris) share about their walk through the infertility process with much needed help from God.  Go to Amy's site to find comfort and support!
I read and also reviewed "Raising Abel" and thought it was a great book.  It is especially good for parents or prospective parents who are raising kids with a history of trauma.  
Thanks for all the advice!!  It sounds like I have more research to do!!
I know several people who live nearby that raise chickens, so I think it's okay.  I will double check though, good point.
I've read the other posts about raising chickens.  I'm a city girl . . . so, I need the basics about caring for the chickens and building a coop.  Any advice would be helpful!! Thanks everyone!
Hey fellow adoption or foster bloggers!  I was wondering if any established bloggers want to share a link to each other's sites... the blog needs to include child adoption or fostering as one of the blog's main subjects.  Thanks!!  
New Posts  All Forums: