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Thanks for setting a group up - I just requested! (Sam)
No advice, just hugs 
YES!! It's a stripes! You know, I have had that thing for about 2.5 years and have tried all kinds of things to break it in. It doesn't feel that stiff, it's just a very thick, hard-to-tie piece of fabric. I will say one thing, it's beautiful and it looks as good as the day I got it. thank you for the advice and suggestions!!
I love babywearing.  I had a moby and baby bjorn (I know, I know...but, ironically, he had hip dysplasia and would only fit in the baby bjorn for the first couple of months with his brace on) with my first.  Honestly, the moby intimidated me and I pushed it aside until my second was born.  I ended up mostly using a ring sling when my first was about 6 mos until about two.   My second lived in the moby until he was about 5 months old, then I bought an ergo.  I have...
I am struggling being a SAHP. I think it's because I wake up everyday and my goal is to "survive."  I have 3.5 year old, 15 mos old, and I am 15 weeks pregnant.  We don't really get out of the house too much, that's probably part of the problem too.  Maybe things would go a lot smoother if I had a rough schedule to go by...right now, I end up with the TV on way too much.   thanks!
hang in there!  I am 14w2d and have been feeling better for about 2 weeks now...still get a little nauseous at times, but it's a whole lot better than it was!
Hello - I am looking for nursing advice/tips for my sister.  My sis had a beautiful baby girl this Saturday morning at 1 am.  After the birth, the baby was placed under the warmer for about 30 min, bathed, then given to my sis for skin-to-skin.  I gently suggested that maybe she should try BFing - the baby wasn't interested.  I know babies are very tired after birth, but my sis also had nubain given IV before the birth and had an epidural.  When my sis periodically tried...
I can't think of a reason why anyone would have to use 4 separate needles for 4 separate vials.  The only test I can think of is blood cultures - and that would only be done if you have some sort of suspected infection.  Blood cultures are usually only two separate sticks (in separate locations, ie, one in left arm, other in right arm).  Weird.     As heldt123 mentioned, ask for a butterfly needle.  Some places don't willingly use them because they're more expensive than...
I am sorry Bubbling
I am sorry Sweetest
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