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Okay, so I'm moving in about 2 months. I've been here for 4 years and have accumulated lots of "stuff" the place I'm moving into is going to be smaller. I also have to clean really good before I leave this apartment, walls, floors, fill in holes from pictures. I have all mine and dds stuff to sort and pack. I've never moved with dd before been here since before she was born. Help I don't know where to start how soon to start. What I should take get rid of etc. help!!
Thank you so much! I had a friend who Offered to help awhile ago but I never accepted because I really don't like needing the help. But I swallowed my pride and admired I needed help and she said anytime I need her to come help she will! Such a relief. I think my number one priority is going to be make my room back to mine and dds room hers! I need a space I can relax in and dd need a space that she doesn't have to share.
I need to organize my life. From my stuff to my time to my schedule of children I watch. I am SO overwhelmed and have no idea where to start so I find myself bouncing around, going through clothes, then tidying the table, the trying to write out a schedule for the summer, work out my budget/pay schedule. But am getting nothing done! I take in children ages range from 1-10 so need a variety of toys, but I have no living space left for me. There is play pens in my room, in...
I spent about 110 on her basket, and bought her a trampoline that she got a bit early. I may be getting her a new trike as well. All of the costs are suppose to be split with her dad but I paid for it all already.
I use paper and pen way easier for me. My categories are: online bills(bank fee, car insurance, tenant, life, cell/Internet, and automated savings) misc expenses, out/sitter (for a break) clothes, misc savings, snow removal, groceries, gas, eating out, working out, car maintance, extra savings, Christmas, hair, dd activities and rent. This pretty much covers everything for me.
I would take 1000$ to Go towards a trip with dd and then rest into savings!
I think it depends on the situation, if your making 1800 a month and are putting out 1000 in Childcare so only taking home 1800 but need that 800 to make all your bills then it would be worth it. For me I'd get full daycare covered or 19$ a day for inhome/private. Childcare is pretty cheap here, right now im looking at going back to work but will take a fairly decent pay cut compared to watching children and not paying out Childcare. But I think it'll be worth my sanity!!
If dds birthday was more spring or summer she wouldn't be getting such a big gift, our birthdays were all fall/winter birthdays as kids so Easter is when we got our bikes, trampoline, bigger outside stuff.
Everywhere you go now there's Easter stuff so what's the bunny bringing your kids! Last year I went way overbored with "stuff" stuff she never used such a waste! This year I'm trying to keep it to things she really likes or needs. She will be getting bubbles, sand toys, chalk, probably a kite, a ball for outside, a tinker bell dish set, a leap frog text and learn, a game, puzzles, coloring books, I will also likely get her a new outfit sandles, a toy, and treats. I will do...
I voted big time because I'm planning to take dd on a weekend trip. Two nights in a hotel, amusement park, zoo, shopping, movies etc. The weekend will probably cost about 800 with shopping. I'm kind of saving for it now though. $670 and I will have met my first goal. Then I will go back to saving after our trip.
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