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I'm not sure if you've connected with anyone yet, but I would love to chat! We recently moved to Medway, MA, which seems to be close to nothing and I have had zero luck finding local AP mamas. I also have a quite spirited little one; she just turned one this week. She's a runner and this indoors business is not for her. Maybe after the holidays we could schedule a Providence Children's Museum playdate?
I subscribed to julabug's newsletter and  "liked" them on Facebook.  This would be amazing! Thank you!
“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!”  
Della at MetroWest Whole Health in Medway is one of the most amazing and gifted women I have ever met! I met her when my baby wouldn't stop spinning around at 35 weeks! I saw her several times a week for the rest of my pregnancy (and after!) She's training to be a homebirth midwife so it was perfect. Della is gentle, wise and has a healing soul. Medway was a hike for me and she is entirely worth it.
Hello! I have a vegan "pudding" recipe that I love that includes bananas, unsweetened rice milk and chia seeds. The seeds are what give it that pudding-esque texture and I haven't figured out a substitute. Would there be any harm in letting my daughter attempt to feed herself this pudding? We're doing BLW so I know too much might not even make it in her mouth, but I want to play it safe. I can increase the chia to make it stick to the spoon easier for more success on the...
Thank you so much! Thats perfect!
We are going to be moving to the Middletown area over the summer and I would love to hear from families in that area. I have a 4 month old so anyone who belongs to like-minded "play groups" I would love more info! We are selectively vaccinating so suggestions on a family practioner would be wonderful. I guess I am just hoping to find a group of people who won't question my 2 mama, AP, cloth diapering, vegan house! Thanks!
I never made it up to Crunchy Granola Baby, but Mothers and Co in West Boylston is an incredible natural parenting resource.  I drive almost an hour to get there and find myself going about every 10 days just to chat with amazing mamas!
I luckily inherited almost 100 prefolds, but have no idea how well they were taken care of.  Is there a way I can strip them all of optical brighteners, fabric softeners, diaper cream, etc in one (or 2) super power washing or do I need to do Calgon and Dawn and everything separately?  Any tips are greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
They came to our house.  It was wonderful!
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