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And... I loved our homebirth midwive!.  Sarafina Kennedy and Jessica Petrone.  They are co-primary midwives so both come to all of your appointments; it made me feel so much safer and at ease while in giving birth.  Their practice is based down by the Cape, but they came to Natick for me.  http://www.homebirthmatters.com/index.html
The Marino Center is an incredible place, however, none of the female family docs are accepting new patients.  (I was looking for my daughter.)  We went with the new male doctor for our family, Dr. Groode, and have been very happy.   I have heard they have a new female family practitioner starting in the next few weeks.   Good luck and welcome!
We met with Dr. Groode just over a week ago and he is amazing!  He just started there at the beginning of this month.  Very open and flexible to the parents wishes.  Supportive and informative.  Appointments are an hour.  We are definitely going with him.  Good luck!
I spoke with someone in Cambridge, at the courthouse, about completing the waivers and she also made it seem relatively simple. I think we might have just saved ourselves several thousand dollars! Thanks everyone!
Thank you so much for the thoughts and suggestions! We have all of the paperwork from family court. It was just gut-wrenching to see the surrender forms with a father giving up custody when we are building a family that doesn't have a father and was never intended to. I have heard that a lawyer helps the process by cutting down the 6 month waiting period and can bypass the home study. Is this anyone's experience?
We are expecting our first in a very short amount of time and are starting to gather information for my wife to be an equal, legal parent as soon as possible. All of the paperwork that came from the courthouse was somewhat daunting and frightening. I somehow painted this rose-colored, easy experience in my mind. We have a known donor, but under no circumstances want him to sign the "surrender form" we were sent. Other must have felt the same way so any tips, ideas,...
New Posts  All Forums: