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The kellymom article does also clearly state that some babies will have breast milk as their primary nutrition until 18 months and that is totally fine and normal.
Try this article written by Kathy Dettwyler who is awesome. I will keep looking. http://www.kathydettwyler.org/detexclusive.html
Hi! My baby girl is about to be one in a few days and is still 99.9999% breastfed. She just has not been interested. We planned on delaying solids anyway because it is beneficial and I think our culture in general starts feeding babies food too early. But we didn't plan on delaying for quite this long so I started researching. Kellymom has an article saying that it is normal and perfectly healthy for some breastfed babies to not be really interested in solids until 18...
Spring Lily, thanks for responding! At what age did you do the water thing?
Thank you so much. Support is greatly appreciated right now! It is SO HARD! 
DD is almost a year and I am really feeling the need to at least partially night wean her. I would be fine with even 2-3 feeds during the night or even 4, but she does WAY more than that and has since birth. I don't see this changing anytime soon. I am feeling depressed from lack of sleep and I don't feel that I am 100% there for my daughter during the day because I am so tired. I feel like at this point we need to at least try night weaning. We are waiting until she...
I too am in Lafayette, LA and would love to find raw milk!!! For those in Lafayette still searching for raw milk, the next best thing is Smith Creamery milk sold at Fresh Pickins. It is low temp vat pasteurized and non-homogenized. It's even listed as "good" on the Weston A Price food list. We currently use this for making yogurt, and cream cheese. If anyone has info on where I can get raw milk please pass it on! my email is hgiles1@gmail.com
Oh thank goodness! I was not looking forward to reinstalling that thing again!! Thank you so much for your help!!!
I just adjusted it this morning and got a closer, much better fit. i didn't realize I had the recline foot down which was preventing me from getting a good angle and from getting closer to the back seat. Here is a pic of where the vehicle seat ends. Is this enough room?   
    Let me check and I will let you know! Does it look like it might not be enough?
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