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DH, myself and our two boys will be moving to Oshkosh WI next year. As we get closer to our moving I am trying to find groups to connect with. Does anyone have any links to Natural/Attachment playgroups and/or homeschooling groups near the Oshkosh area? Also any links to places that are more natural/AP friendly that I can take my kids to?
Nope. ds1 goes to bed first. He is no longer in the family bed, but he's still in the room. He likes to "warm up" the bed for us. He brushes his teeth, reads a few stories and then gets into the family bed on my side. Then about 10 minutes later ds2 goes to bed. Brush teeth, story, nurse. ds2 goes to sleep in the family bed still. Then a few hours later I'll go to bed. I'll put ds1 in his bed and get into my side, usually at that point ds2 is ready to nurse again. Then...
With ds1 we are "free range". It is age appropriate however, I don't just let him roam the town or anything, he's only 4. There is also still structure, rules and discipline (gentle) in our home, so it's not like I don't parent him. Which is what I hear a lot when people hear of free range.
I think a better, bigger study, needs to be done. But I also think that when you start messing with nature with medicines and interventions, you're bound to start messing chemicals/homrones up as well. Most of these interventions haven't even been studied long term yet, eventhough they've been around for a long time. My ds1 has ADHD and he had Pitocin. My ds2 was born at home and is the complete opposite of ds1. They are so very different in their behavior. Does it prove...
You need to go with what you're comfortable with. If you're just not comfortable with male OBs, then don't. It can damper your labor and birth with being uncomfortable with your Doctor.
I paid $2,700 for m homebirth + prenatal care with ds2. With ds1 I had a hospital birth (vaginal) and just the birth itself was around $10,000, that doesn't include prenatal care. Are you sure that price is everything, or is it just the birth without anything? If she has an epidural, vaccuum, etc. then they might start tacking on the price.
I use to have BCBS MN and they said they'd cover any homebirth MW. She just had to send in some paperwork to them with a code. Unfortunatly, when I got pregnant DH's company switched providers and was no longer covered.
I have emailed a few Midwives in Wisconsin around the Oshkosh area. I will be moving there next year in the fall and would like to do a Monitrice apprenticship. I haven't gotten any replies yet and it's been about 2 weeks. I know I still have time, but I want to try to find someone to hook up with right off the bat so I can focus on getting the things I need to get done before I move. So anyone here or know someone who is in the Oshkosh area (or 20-30 minutes from there)...
Most of my contacts come from the contact sheet on my website, and I try to email ASAP, which is usually within a few hours. If someone wants to speak with me on the phone then I try to arrange something the next day at a specified time of day, usually nap time.
Just to add to the placentabenefits kit. The kit usually always says it's out, but it's not. You have to email them about it, because the creator will only give the kit out if there are no placentabenefits trained encapsulators in your area. She is afraid that if she lets just anyone buy the kit then they'll use that to train themselves to offer the services to other women.
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