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Don't bring the vaccine issue up at all. Turn in your exemption form along with all the other papers. You'll need to do the research yourself regarding the exemption. They don't want to have to do the research, which is understandable. This will be a good lesson for preschool too. Just turn in the exemption. Do not ask about it ahead of time. 99% of the time, if you take that approach, there won't be a problem. This may help. It lists the exemptions for each...
I'm already taking antibiotics for something else. Maybe that's why I don't have a fever? My breasts are still extremely painful when touched. I keep putting off making a doctor appointment because I'm sure by the time I actually get to have an appointment it will be resolved. And I wonder what could be done besides antibiotics, which I'm already on. Does anyone know how long this takes to resolve on antibiotics?
I thought I was going to have it easy--the first 7 days there was no leaking or pain. But now my nipples have been leaking a clear fluid and my breasts are very painful when pressed on. There seems to be a lot of hard lumps. Is there something I should be doing, or does this go away on its own?
Raw milk can transmit Lyme disease, if the cow is infected. It is extremely risky to drink raw milk from a cow in a Lyme endemic area such as New Jersey, and especially Old Lyme, CT. *shudder*
There are many listed here. http://askdrsears.com/thevaccinebook...ly_Doctors.asp
Vaccinating at age 12 or 13 is worrying that she'll have an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager, and be exposed to rubella in those specific 9 months, and catch it, and have it affect her baby. The chances of all those things happening together are miniscule. Let her make the decision as an adult. For those that care, the rubella and MMR vaccines contain cell lines from an aborted human fetus. Everyone should care that the vaccine can cause arthritis in women.
Yes, I noticed that our local Target is going to give flu vaccines on one of the weekends next month. I need to double check on the dates so that I don't go shopping there! No reason to get exposed to a bunch of people shedding FluMist. I guess I'll have to shop at their competitor that weekend.
I recently read "Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--And Why GI's Are Only The First Victims" http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw...ords=vaccine+a and it explains how squalene, an adjuvant in an experimental anthrax vaccine not licensed by the FDA, was the cause of Gulf War Syndrome. It's really disgusting how the government used those in the military for medical experimentation without consent, then lied to them about...
Pertussis is no fun at all, but it's certainly nothing to be scared of in a 9 month old. Look into sodium ascorbate. It helps to neutralize the toxins caused by the bacteria.
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