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Agreed with all the co-sleeping suggestions. My 9 month old wakes every 20 mins - 1hr at night due to intestinal pain and I have a 'no feed zone' from 6pm - 11pm, then I nurse while trying to sleep. It's the only way to survive something medical imho. It's rough, but doable. I also recommend trying to pump as much as you can, then make your husband take the baby for a full night by himself while you sleep at a hotel or friends house. Lets you recharge, and your hubby...
I didn't realize you could break the cord like that! Neat story, congratulations!
Agent is a little gassy, but nothing too extreme. I just can't stand to see him sad, so we've talked to our pediatrician about the homeopathic options available. We already have him on probiotics that I give him in his one nightly pumped bottle that my husband feeds him. But we've started giving him a little bit of camomile tea in a bottle (steeped from the actual flowers) to help his belly. The Dr. said that 1 - 2 oz a day would help him out. If that doesn't work, there...
So cute! Have a good rest, looking forward to reading the story.
Awesome. What a pretty little girl. Boo on back labour.  :)
Yay Lizzie! Congratulations, glad it went well and that your full family is nicely situated in your new house.
I am so sorry for you. What a terrible thing to have to go through. Sending you and your family all my positive thoughts in this horrible time.
Sounds similar to my birth experience, although you laboured about twice as long as I did. I also feel like the baby/your body knows that something is up, like the cord being wrapped around multiple times and tries to compensate. It's great that we have the medical knowledge to help out when needed. Even though it was not the ideal birth in the end you have a great baby!
Congratulations! Now you can always think of Ikea as the baby's special place.  :)
I know I keep posting photos of Agent, but it's my new hobby and I love his little head so much! Here he is at 3 weeks, 4 days. He's gained two whole pounds since birth already.  
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