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One more thing: there are homeopathic remedies that list mastrubation in children as a rubric. You may wish to consult with a homeopath and support her in this way too.
I'd approach this just as you would for any other child. Use simple words that indicate that that area is private. Offer an alternative fidget toy.
Misconception: autistic people want to be like neurotypical people. We should work to fix/help our autistic kids to be like us so that they fit in.
There is a lot of research that suggests that CLO is helpful for attention and behavior issues. I have tried various brands and doses over the years and never saw any effects in my children. Homeopathy has been very helpful.
It sounds like you definitely have something going on. What is always trickier to answer. When you say that he is 95% BF, do you mean that he is not eating any other food? Muliti-vitamins may be needed but can also be problematic since almost all vitamins are synthetic and isolated. This can throw the body off balance. Not all autistic kids have the same kinds of social issues. From what you describe, I think an autism evaluation might be warranted if you want to...
Quote: Originally Posted by thatgirliknew Nothing new. About 1 1/2 months ago we started keeping two other kids 4 days a week, but would it have taken that long for it to "hit her"? It's hard to say. It could. It is also possible that they did something that upset her. I am NOT implying that they did something really bad, harmful or dangerous. For a baby, things that for an older child or adult would not be shocking could be traumatic. ...
What happened a week ago? It is always useful to look at what was going on when new behavior started. This might give you a clue. The Raising Your Spirited Child book is fantastic. I too recommend it.
What you describe does not sound like an auditory processing disorder. Is it just your voice she does not hear? What about other sounds -- clapping, sirens, anything really? Is it just when you are behind her that she does not respond?
Thanks for sharing. I will dvr.
When I gave supplements, I too mixed on a teaspoon with honey. In general, I give them cell salts which are pleasant tasting and dissolve instantly in the mouth. These help moderate moods.
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