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Thanks Ma   wraps are a great idea but he's 2. He will immediately open and inspect. :/   smoothies!!! Awesome! I will try kale smoothies and see howit goes.    You made me feel a bit better. I suppose it's not the end of the world if he doesn't eat as many veggies as I'd like, but I honestly feel like it is! 
I need advice on how to get a toddler to eat his veggies. :( it's always a fight that usually results in him going to his room and the veggies are left uneaten and wasted.    My father advised to not make meals a battle, which I think is wise, but if I do that then veggies will NEVER get eaten. I'm so discourged but far to stubborn to give up.    Ive tried offering a treat at the end. Doesn't care. I've tried saying, than you won't eat! Doesn't care.    Help
NM :)
Dang, once again Kathy nailed it!! Good advice
Omgosh, thank you guys for all the kind words!! It means a lot
With your family history, I'd stay far away from the DTaP. Just my opinion
Where's my pin......oh here it is!!! (((((POP))))))
Good for you! Very good job
No. That was not acceptable. Man, I wish it were me she had tried to bully, she would have gotten an earful!! Well, that was a bad thing. Let good come out of it. Let no one ever talk you into doing something you are against again. And maybe consider not vaxing your LO? As for calling them, I say do it. It might fall on deaf ears but what's the other alternative? Do nothing?
Ugh. This makes me sick. And it makes me want to save every baby out there. Seriously
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