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  This has got to be my favorite thread by far!! It's halrious. You know my MW said that when I'm pregnant I should embrace my feelings, as irrational as they may seem. She said I can do no wrong while I'm preggers because of all the changes going on inside of me. I remind my husband of this whenever I don't act right and he gets irratated with me!!!! Ahhhhhh....I love my midwife!!! Anyone else want her number?? Hehehe.
  Thanks guys! I read that it should not exceed 25 mg a day, but that number seems awefully low. I think I'll take my pill that has 50 mg a day and see how that works
  I would start a prenatal asap. I am simply taking a multi though. The brand name is MegaFood. Awesome vitamins!!! 100 percent vegetarian, made from whole foods and can be taken on an empty stomach. I highly recommend. BTW.....someone mentioned Trader Joes; I love TJ's!
  wow I'm jealous ya'll are still nursing!! Shane is only 5 months old and my milk has almost dried up due to my pregnancy. Luckily I have doner milk, so we wouldn't have to resort to formula. Wish I could still nurse though!! What are ya'll doing to keep up your supply while preggers??
.........to ward off morning sickness? And can you overdose?
  I feel great!! Only down side is, is I'm still nursing and have lost almost all my milk. luckily have an awesome friend at church who is donating her milk to me. Thank you God! Last pregnancy I suffered from hyperemesis graviderium (sp) so will be loading up on the B vitamins and getting regular colonics in hopes of it helping. I feel pretty positive it will. Looking forward to enjoying my last pregnancy.
  Found out last night! Was shocked considering I just gave birth five months ago.........but veryhappy
  The two issues are unrelated to me also, however if my unvaxed son was receving formula I would be a bit more nervous. I plan on BFing for at least 2 years, however the next nine months of that will be doner milk as I just found out I am pregnant and I have virtually no milk right now
  Ugh this is not good. I would be inclined to do what's best for your baby. And that is no vaccines. I would probably give in to his demands......hard to say though!! Good luck
  Well, Shane is EBF and just a mere 5 months old, but so far never. I just started vit C and vit D supplemens, so hopefully we can keep this streak up
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