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  Sorry you had to go through that. It can be frustrating when someone has too much pride and refuses to open their ears. I would avoid that doctor, or simply ask him to back up all his "facts". That's what I would do, as I've never been one to shy away from confrontation.
  I've been doing a ton of research on mega doses of vit.C and I advise relying on that powerful vit C instead of antibiotics. Research it yourself, it is the most important vitamin in terms of healing quickly and naturaly. If you keep your kids on megadoses their entire lives, you will NEVER have to use antibiotics.
  option number one sounds nice. Megadoses of vit. C are always wise, even when the child is not sick. I would also supplement a probiotic to boost his immune system even more and sleep, sleep, sleep!!
  my desire to stick it to the man
  Well, that poor kid!!! I feel sorry for him and sorry for his poor mom who had to watch him suffer through this. However, if I read the story right, this was an accident that in no way could have been prevented. The kid was too young to get the vaccine. It's not his fault, the parents fault......anyones. Yeah, it didn't convince me of anything.
  I would never intentionally "help" my kids contract a virus, bacteria, disease........etc. However if you would like to, this sounds like the perfect situation
  I'm sorry you were in this situation!! Y our post made me very angry. I wish I had been there instead of you because I would have put them in their place. Quickly.
 Ditto. Only my doc never asked me to sign anything, he justs says whenever I'm ready to let him know. I guess some require waviers and some do not?
  Granted Shane is a mere five months, but I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I am greatful that my cousin opened my eyes to the truth about vaccines. Shane has never been sick a day in his short little life yet, and he gets around. Now if Shane were to contract and die from one of the dieases that he could have been vaccinated for, then I might have regrets. Or I just might remeber all the research I've done and all the doctors that are AGAINST vaccines and come...
  Well this has been a most educational thread for me!! I just learned what shedding is. Never even knew it was possible; although it sounds to me like as long as the unvaxed doesn't play with the vaxed poops, it should be alright. Correct?
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