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Very cool!
Thanks for taking the time to share.
I wouldn't worry about it. You love it. Your DD loves it. Have fun I say!!! I carry Shane EVERYWHERE and I have no plans to stop when he gets older.
Thanks so much for sharing!! I researched this product and plan on picking it up in a couple days. It sounds simple and amazing!!!
really?!If this is true no more playing in the sunbeams for little baby....I'm gonna research this info. Thanks for sharing
Good question. You are right to be concerned about vitamin D and also right when you say most people are deficient. It's a very important vitamin. My baby is 4 months old now and most every day I make sure he has about 10 minutes of "sun time.". I take him outside in just his diaper and expose him to the sun. If it's too cold of a day for that I let him play in the sunbeams on the carpet. I reason I don't give him supplements is because vit D is best absored through...
I'm with you on not being too thrilled about cows milk. If I had my way, Shane would never taste the stuff. But I don't have it only my way. I would go with a good quality organic toddler formula and possibly consider some benefical supplements as well to put in that bottle she loves so much. That way you can be sure she is getting all her nutrional requirements. ETA: of course doner milk would be the very best thing if you can swing that. If not, organic formula
I'm almost 5 months pp and still don't have mine ( thank God.... It can stay away as looooong as it wants) so I can't say from experience. However, I have also heard that the first couple could be irregular and that's totally normal. I also heard that you are not necessarily fertile on the first couple of periods.
Hugs to you mama. You really are a supermom; i cannot imagine trying to do what you are doing.
I refuse to get on an airplane with my 4 month old, but that's because he is not vaccinated........so I don't really have any advice. . Just wanted to say good luck and have fun
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