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What a great question and I can't wait to read everyones responses! I voted for number too because I believe there is nothing better than moms milk. Supplements have their place for sure but when the child is a bit older. Why mess with or try to "improve" upon the plan laid out by God? As for your question, I'd say not to worry about it. It's all normal
I think the two are totally different, and as the mommy you know the difference. Act according to your instincts.
I'm so sorry to hear this!! . My midwife advised me to always use organic olive oil for regular diaper changes and when we see a rash comming on, use some cornstarch on the rash. It works! Don't know if I helped, but thought I would share. Good luck
The only time in my life when I haven't wanted it, wa when I was pregnant. Oh man did I hate it then!!!! I was so sick and uncomfortable it actually turned me off. Shane is 4 months now and I'm back to normal (thank God) but I would say wether you hate it or love it now, that both ends of that spectrum would be normal.
I used a nipple shield for a bit because Shanes latch hurt so much. But one day I took it off and it was all goooood. as far as long term problems, my midwife said that the baby will not develop the muscles of the jaw and such that BF naturally babies do. I hadn't heard of it causing a low supply and I can't imagine why it would. I say: do whatever you can to contiune BFeeding your baby. Whatever works for you; embrace it.
Put breastmilk on your nipples
Lots of water and lots of sleep!!!
Good job mama. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you
Sorry to hear about your struggles!! It sounds like you have given so much of yourself to others you now need to take time for yourself, which is near impossible with a 2 month old, I know!! But what your baby needs most of all is a relaxed, happy mama. Take steps now to make that happen so you can enjoy every precious day with your family. Feed formula, feed EBM, feed your baby whatever works and give yourself permission to not feel bad over it.
Props to you for all the hard work you've already done! Hang in there mama! I would encourage u to take all those herbal supplements if you can afford it. Even if they don't increase your supply, they will certainly nourish your milk and your baby will still benefit as he recieved all those herbs through your breastmilk. Earths Best seems like a good formula. Good job on going organic!! I know it makes you uncomfortable but I would seriously consider doner milk over...
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