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My son was born in July and I had him in a onise with the feet. It was a size too big so it fit nice and loose on him
Shane is about 4 months now and sleeps about 45 minutes. I'd say it's normal and not to worry. I also do the whole falling asleep with boob in mouth thing and I love it. I appreciate the quiet time and I love holding him
Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics. Not only will they increase her BMs but will give her immune system a healthy boost. All children should be on some kind of probiotic supplement; yogurt is not enough. Speaking of yogurt, if possible think of switching to organic Greek yogurt as opposed to cows yogurt. It contains more protein and natural probiotics. Pears and avacados are great foods, as well as any and all veggies she will eat. The suggestion to remove wheat is also...
I would think that every pregnancy would be different emotionally and physically because with each one you are in a different place in your life. It sounds like you are in a good one!! Best of luck for you!
Good for you Tammy!! I think we are all proud of you for standing up for an issue so dear to our hearts
This is interesting and I love reading all the replies. I'm currently TTC number two and I can only guess that 1-2 is harder than 0-1. The first baby gets all your attention........not so when the second one comes around
Maybe I'm missing something....... Why does baby one have to leave when you are having baby two?
Sounds completly normal. Sleep is one of the healthiest things we can partake in; for this reason I always let my son have unlimted naps and sleep time. I say enjoy this period of extra time on your hands..... It might not last....
I highly recommend organic olive oil!! It's really not that much money, and a little goes a long way for diaper changes. I've been using it on my son for every diaper change since he's been born and we've never had a rash; his skin is smooth, moistured, and perfect! Simply dip your wipe in the oil before you clean him and it takes everthing off nicely. No need for diaper rash creams or anything! Not only is it simple and pretty inexpensive, it's very healthy too....
I feel ya on the hotel floors. I think they are nasty. I just took my 3 month old to Colorado for about a week and only brought diapers, wipes, a couple toys, clothes and his little bouncy seat that he likes. You really don't need that much. Keep it simple, I say. It'll be more enjoyable that way. One thing I did forget was a wrap because we took walks everyday to explore the city and get our Vit D, and my back hurt from carrying him everywhere! I highly recommed you...
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