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Well my son sleeps with me, always has, and at 3 months he wakes every 2-4 hours to nurse.
I would say something in the nicest way possible and she doesn't repond favorably, drop it. That's just me; I have strong convictions
I'm so glad you found a solution that worked for you. Lack of sleep is the worse! I was going to suggest herbal remedies for sleep. Herbal baths filled with lavender, chamomile flowers or lemon balm herb is very calming and relaxing. Or you could make a tiny "sleep pillow"......fill a small square cloth with lavender and lemon balm. What works for me is cosleeping. I hardly have to wake up to put him on the breast and he just nurses himself back to sleep. I hope your...
Thank you for that link Peace! I never knew Epsom Salts could do so much. I know they talked about children using them but do you think they would be too harsh for small babies?
That number seems a bit low to me. Having said that, I am the only parent that I know of not vaxing their kid. Hehe
Hehe....who needs the T.V. with those two books on your coffee table?! I would let a sleeping dog lie in this case. Unless hubby tries to take action, he may be feeling a bit insecure about this decision you guys have made whenever he talks to his mom. Patient and confident reminding from you will bless him. Hang in there!!
I agree with everyone who suggested keeping the wound clean and upping your vit C intake. If u don't want the vax, don't get it. Simple as that
Hmmmmm......cannot think of any actually off the top of my head.....good question! Will ask hubby when he gets home from work. I would flip through my bible right now but feeding my son.
Recently I spent some time in beautiful Colorado and soaked in the natural hot springs they've been blessed with. It was such a relaxing and wonderful experience! I brought my 3 month old with me and he seemed to love the warm waters. I was excited for him to soak in them with his dad and I as the springs contain many natural minerals in them that have alot of healing powers and benefits for the skin. I am extremely interested in recreating that same experience at home...
New Posts  All Forums: