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Please go back and reread my post so you have the correct information, it says muscle tissue, not bloodstream. Thanks for playing
This is a silly question. You already know the answer. Lets get back to the OP......
So I do not have any links to scientific studies, but I have personal experience, which can sometimes be stronger. Might I be allowed to voice this without Sciencemom responding (attacking) my views? Thank you ScienceMom My friend has a daughter who recieved all the required vaccinations, however the doctor lost her records and she was required to redo ALL of them. Trusting it was ok, and trusting the doctors word, my friend complied. Scince retaking all of them, her...
I 100% agree
So I went to the doctor today, and my oldest sons ear infection is gone. Yay!! But my 1 year old still has his. In just one ear. Guess ill have to do the antibiotics. *sigh* Whomever suggested probiotics....I already do that
Interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if they were related
I love this thread. I'm learning..... So I'm the type of mom who feeds her kids organic and I eat Ramon. At Trader Joes I can get very inexpensive organic pantry items that I feel good about feeding my kids. Organic pasta (wheat, rice or corn) Organic pasta sauce Organic cereals and oatmeals (mixed with bananas or raisins. Sticks to the ribs!) A huge jug of olive oil (my kids love rice pasta with olive oil and salt and pepper. Cheap and filling!) Organic popcorn. (.99...
Going to the doctor today or tomorrow morning to see if everything I've been doing has worked. I'll keep y'all updated
I love it when they wait till you are watching till they throw their tantrums!! LOL My son just turned one and he's still pretty easy going.
Thank you everyone!! So we had our second visit to the Chiropractor today and will go back in 5 days for a 3rd appt. right after we left, my oldest sons nose started running...good sign?? As far as pain goes, they are in no pain. If they were, I would give them the drugs. But they are just as happy and normal as always. Thank goodness! I've never heard of antibiotics only for pain. Isn't it possible to get a raging bacterial infection without bring in pain?
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