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Yes! She used a snapping tool. I hope it works. I called back and she lowered her rates for me, so I'm going again tomorrow. Because I agree with you: I'd rather spend my money on that, than a prescription for antibiotics!!!I'm more encouraged now.Pray that all I'm doing will work! I'll be extremely disappointed if it hasn't cleared and I'm forced to do drugs.
I actually took them today to the Chiropracter, but I don't see how I can go again because its very expensive and Medicaid doesn't cover it. It's about $50 a visit, times 2 kids. Thank you for suggesting that though!! I was (and still am) not a huge believer in chiropractic work making huge differences. She simply used her tool a couple times on their back and neck and than was done. How would that really help??
Thank you Amanda! That is very encouraging....especially since I feel a bit weird putting liquid in their ears. lets hope it works!!
Both my boys have ear infections and the doctor wanted to put them on antibiotics. I declined and said let me try my garlic oil drops first. So for two weeks, I gave them extra Vit C, and garlic oil drops 2 times a day and an herbal supplement to help boost their immune system. Went back and doc said they were still infected!! I'm so bummed. I accepted the antibiotic prescription but have yet to fill it. I don't want to! My friend suggested breastmillk dropped in their...
I'm so stoked for this thread! Love reading everyone's ideas. My friend does "personal picks" one day of the week, let's just say Sundays. So every Sunday you would let one family member pick their choice of dinner. It will rotate and mom and Dad must join to! It helps if that person gives you at least a couple days notice to prepare, ideally a week though. And I love the write it on a erasable board on the fridge idea too. I think I might do that. That way everyone...
I work there! It's an amazing store and I do 100% of my grocery shopping there. I love their organic selections and guarantee of non-GNO on all their brand products.
I'll look into this. Thank you so much guys!!I had his blood looked at and everything was normal, no sign of allergies or sensitivities. And the woman said his BMs looked normal and beautiful. (I brought in a diaper.) peanut butter consistency is good she said.I don't know...... I do feel a lot better tho
I just want to encourage (and high-five) all the mamas who stuck to their guns!! My ped if for vaccines but has never made me feel bad or pressured me into getting them. He's pretty awesome. I really like him. I respect his opinion, and I feel he respects mine. I did have to fill out the forms with both boys, which made me resl uncomfortable. I wanted to protest, but there is no way I'm changing peds, so I filled it out. Ugh
I agree with the PP about tetanus. As for vaxing your daughter again who had the reaction, NO WAY. You got off "easy". No serious harm was done. Don't throw rocks at a sleeping bear. I am a firm non-vaxer but the one that scares me the most by far, is WC. I'm sorry you had to go through it. I feel like diease is just part of life, and I'm more afraid to inject poison into my babies bodies, than I am to over come a natural illness. Even one as scary as WC
What an awesome article and website. Thank you for posting. It was a blessing!
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