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Right on!
Both my boys are unvaxed and rarely get sick. But they eat a very healthy diet that's mostly organic with very little meat. And they both take tons of vitamins. I kinda consider Vit C to be my "vaccine". Whenever my babies come down with something, I start mega dosing Vit C and so far everything they have had clears up extremely quickly. Because of Vit C, I really don't worry about illness/infections.
Great thread. I'm learning so much
I wouldn't be worried. Sounds like you are doing the right thing
My visits are free and my doctor has never pressured me. So.....I haven't missed one yet!
This is why it is said, "The love of money is the root of all evil.".
Better safe than sorry
I would never lie, but then again I don't mind people getting on their soapboxes because I'm totally convinced I have made the right decision in not vaxing. Don't let these "experts" discourage you. They have a lot to gain from you vaccinating your kids
I'm so sorry your doctor doesn't respect your position!! From the first time he saw my son, I told my doc no vaccines whatsoever and he hasn't bugged me since. I go to every single well-baby visit since they are free and I like to communicate with our doc and for him to get to know my sons, and he has never pressured or made me feel bad. Sometimes he asks, "still not vaccinating?" and I'll reply yes with a smile on my face. Can you find a doctor that suits you better? ...
I have fully enjoyed this thread and learning why everyone else is anti-vax. 1. I do not trust doctors. If you are getting rich by selling me something, I do not trust you 2. It is illogical to inject toxins into the immature, slowly developing immune system of babies and small children. I prefer instead to feed my sons organic, breastfeed, and supplement with tons of good quality Vit. C and probiotics. 3. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that...
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