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Nicolle, thanks so much for the suggestions. I am also thinking about rotating between coconut and almond milk. I have heard that hemp has hormones in it like estrogen and have been staying away from it as well as soy. I could be wrong though...... Avocado is a great idea!! I will start introducing him to that Mamalex, I'm kinda against giving him milk from an animal. But the whole raw idea sounds like the best way to go, if one were to go that route. Baby, actually...
I would contuine to get the DHA eggs
Congrats!!! That is very cool
Good luck deciding! I'm thinking through the same thing, only my son isn't walking or talking yet, so he'll be a bit more to manage while I'm in labor!
.........a situation!
I feel ya sister. I have only gained 18 pounds at 32 weeks so far, but I am bigger this time around. Honestly I just let these comments slide, knowing that soon I won't have this beautiful belly in front of me anymore and that no matter how big/small I am, this time and shape of my body needs to be savored. Besides, these people don't seem to get that pregnancy is not about being skinny! Geez......this societies priorities are so outta wack! I'm sure u are beautiful and...
Shane is about to turn 1 in a couple of weeks. I am 32 weeks pregnant and no longer have any breast milk, but I am strongly against feeding him cows milk. If anyone fed their babies anything other than breast milk/cows milk when they turned a year, I'd love to hear alternatives! I am very interested in Coconut milk as a replacement to cow's. It has the same amount of saturated fat, calcium and vit D, and it has medium chain fatty acids which aids in digestibility and is...
  5 months old and not a problem.
  congrats on buying your first home!!! That is a huge blessing. I'm sure everything will be fine, just take it one day at a time.
  Yes it is totally normal! I hate food when preggers and have almost no cravings. The objectivity that is obtained there, makes it a bit easier to eat healthy as I no longer have my wicked sweet tooth.
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