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The OP has presumably had her baby by now since she was at least 34 weeks when she wrote this post and that was almost 2 months ago (how'd it go, OP?). But I have a couple of comments for others who might find this thread. I waited to go to the hospital until I could barely stand it, with my first birth. Being in the car and going through triage with nasty contractions 2 minutes apart was awful, and it was only a 20 minute drive for us. I would not have wanted to do an...
That is a goofy system! I bet that drives people off. I (pharmacist) have to submit CE every 3 years but I never have to retake the boards unless either my license lapses for a significant period of time or I want to get licensed in another state, and in that case I only need to take the law boards in that state. And our CE is pretty easy to find. Lots of magazines and websites have it for free. And if board certified we have several options to recertify, 
I can't pinpoint an exact moment, but my second sexual partner wasn't circumcised and I was kind of like, hmm, this is sort of cool to play with, why do people cut it off? So I think after that, I didn't really see the point. I don't recall spending a ton of time on the decision, but it seemed fairly self-evident that there wasn't a really good reason to do surgery on a tiny baby. Any further reading I did only solidified my feelings on the matter. Some time before DH and...
Did you start birth control? Are you sick?    How long do you have to pump to get that 1 oz? How much do you get if you pump for 15-20 mins?
That study is only relating to transmissiom to residents of long-term care over age 60. And just b/c the vax doesn't work as well as we would like doesn't mean it doesn't work.  Sorry so brief, one arm devoted to holding baby.
You could tell him that it's okay if he doesn't want to eat but there will not be food available again until whatever time. I don't think it's good to force kids to eat, but I don't think they should get to pick their own times and snack all day either. If dinner is at 5:30 and he just picks at it, then he can make the decision of whether he is going to eat now or wait until bedtime snack at 8:30 (for example). If he's getting distracted I'd say it could mean he is done...
I don't agree. Flu is a serious threat to many hospitalized patients. The risk of side effects from the vaccine pales in comparison to the risks of the flu for this population. If a person in healthcare is unwilling to take this risk for the sake of their patients, I don't really want that person caring for a newborn or a pneumonia patient or a person on chemo or with lung disease or ??? They should get a job working with a patient population that is less at risk if this...
Congrats to mamasarah and brittarey!   I think the babies in this DDC decided to avoid the first part of the month for some reason. Now they are coming thick and fast. 
Ugh, I guess dog since dh is allergic to cats, but I'm not a dog person and I'd rather have neither. Or a pet rat or rabbit.    Black coffee or sugary coffee drink? 
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