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I asked my husband and he said that it would be the ultimate get-out-of-Valentines-Day-free card for a guy. 
Do you know your O date? Did you give an LMP date two weeks before your O date? If so, you're just correcting for the ridiculous amounts of emphasis everyone puts on LMP. If not, you're not skipping the scan because you're sure of your dates, you're trying to mess with the system to get the results you want. What if it goes the other way though? What if baby measures small at 20 weeks and everyone starts freaking out? What if baby is early and your providers think that...
Kneeling with my torso upright with my first one (supporting myself on the bedrails with my hands.) Hands and knees with the second one. 
I don't think the government has any business telling people what they must do with their bodies. If they want to raise the breastfeeding rate, they should look into what kind of support will help women continue breastfeeding who might otherwise choose to stop. This law isn't pro-breastfeeding, it's just anti-woman. 
Well, I think part of it could be that they view breastfeeding as a bother for the reasons I listed or for others, and just assume that everyone/most people are going to eventually get tired of it and be ready to move on and give formula. 
I think back in the day there wasn't so much focus on letting toddlers enjoy being young, either. The emphasis was on growing up to be a productive member of the household. I remember a bit in the Little House books where Carrie is probably around 3 and she's crying for some fairly legitimate reason (I think because dad left and would be gone several weeks) and Laura (who is struggling not to break down in tears herself) chastises Carrie for "a great girl like you,...
I would do it but it would have to be someone I'm pretty close to. The situation has never come up. I've been so engorged since my son was born, and I wish I had a close friend who could lend me a nursing toddler! 
Wow, that was a fast labor! Congratulations on your new little guy. 
I think that a someday significant other who is as considerate as your son deserves would be able to reach an agreement with him on how to celebrate Valentines Day to mutual satisfaction and also honor it being his birthday. If he hooks up with some shallow gal who gets mad that he doesn't go all out for V-day but doesn't do anything for him on his birthday, then he's probably better off without her anyway. 
Melatonin can throw your sleep cycle out of whack if you take it at random times. The only time it's recommended to take it is around your usual bedtime when you plan to sleep for your usual length of time. I probably wouldn't take it at all, but if you start feeling a little funky in the evening it might be okay to take it at your usual bedtime, but you might be pretty groggy if you get woken up by contractions at 3 AM. Tylenol PM (or just Benadryl, which is the PM...
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