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Oh no! I am so sorry!
WOW! Are you eligible for Heap? Heat costs what it costs and here in the new England area I will say we have harsh cold and snowy winters. We have had winters that cost us about 3,500 and years where we have paid just over 2,000 for oil. That is about 700 a month on a harsher winter. Of course prices fluctuate and that is a huge part of it. We did go ahead and buy a pellet stove. We estimate needing 3 to 4 tons of pellets. We are looking at needing about 960 for the ENTIRE...
I am in Maine.
There is no exemption? We filled out the letter saying that we understood it was a required vax and were opting out. We ended up with a kiddo home for two weeks, but still have not done the vax.   My nephew is a vaxed kiddo who has it. He got this strain from daycare. So here we are hoping it worked. We have been given lots of info and some of it, says that it may not happen because he is vaxed. I have you all in mind if it works. We babysit nephew and have had...
My nephew has the pox:) We are going over to expose our four today in Maine.
Hmmmm my midwife does provide vbacs to moms at home.
Pull money out of savings and put it in a safe in your house or pay off another debt. (IE prepay oil for the winter, or apply to your mortage.) I had to do that.
No. The money problems would make take away from my peace and spiritual health. I would invite dad out. Hopefully next year.
Does anyone have anywhere to direct me for info on Hep A vaccines? My DR suggested it and I don't feel like I have ever given it.   I would like to find out how long this vax has been around. One of my big things is not giving them something new as they are not to be used to test vaccines. KWIM?   Anyone have any experience with this vax? Will you give it?   I am also sure that my 10yr old will be offered HPV. So why did you or didn't you go with this one as...
I only get two papers;) I have enough non foods to be considered a stock pile and it has been since this winter.
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