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I used wool with all my newborns and loved it.  I especially like wool in the summer since it breathes so much better than PUL.  My favorite newborn combo is fitted diapers and pull-on covers--I like the full coverage that a pull-on provides.  I didn't have much leakage at all with the fitted diapers and the great thing about wool is that when a bit did escape, I would just wash that spot and not have to wash the whole cover.
I really liked litewraps in size preemie and newborn but after that, they were too roomy.  My velcro held up great but the leg gusset elastic was shot after the 3rd kid used them.  I also never washed them with the diapers, which made them last longer, I'm sure.  I got a few hand-me-down superbrites for baby #4 and it is our last so I can't justify spending the money on more litewraps but if I needed covers or was planning to have more, I would buy them again in a heart...
  So do you use the same vinegar water for your entire cycle?  
How much vinegar?
I am having stink but not staining issues with my mama pads.  When they come out of the wash, they look clean, but when I smell them, they don't smell clean.  They smell like blood though really like iron (rusty nails).  My wash routine is: I rinse them in cold water when I take them off then either put them directly in a dry pail or sometimes dry them over the shower rod then put them in the pail.  They don't sit for more than 3 days generally.  I wash them either with...
here is one idea for using prints w/o wicking http://makingitlittlebylittle.wordpr...-outer-prints/ (it uses a specific pattern but you could use the same idea for any pattern)
Quote: Originally Posted by remijo The best diaper and cover I made so far absorbency wise are two layers of fleece RRP with a doubler of 2 layers of terry and half a prefold folded in thirds. The cover was two layers of fleece. When you say "fleece" do you mean polyester/polar fleece? If so, I think your problem is too much fleece and not enough cotton. Fleece doesn't absorb so really all you have to catch the pee is the 2 layers of terry and...
I have had success with a two layer microfleece cover. I also only used it around the house but for that purpose, it worked great. I should add that my son was a toddler when I made this, so he wasn't sitting all the time like an infant would be--the stage of your baby might affect if you want to try this.
Has anyone used this pattern? If so, have you also knit any LTK soakers--how does it compare? It looks like it has the side-loading leg like the LTK original soaker (which I like) but seems trimmer or taller. Thanks for any help!
Its actually for all sizes you knit 10 except if you are making the pants for non-cloth diapered bums then you do 6 (for all sizes). It is explained in the Note: above the pics of the two different style gussets. HTH!
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