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Thanks for the responses.  I'm back to measuring ahead (and yes, I was referring to fundal height), and after a visit to the chiro I'm not feeling so funky.  I'll probably get a 20 week u/s for reassurance, though.
Thanks.:-) It's just never happened to me before, and this will be my 8th baby.  I'm on the fence about getting an u/s, which might end up in more worrying, or just reassuring myself and taking a wait and see approach.
I'm just feeling nervous about this pregnancy.  I just don't think everything is normal and not sure what to do next. Thanks for any thoughts or experiences.
I can relate to how you're feeling.  I was a basket case when I found out I was having twins.  It took me a good week to calm down and accept it. I won't lie and say it won't be hard.  My guys will be 3yo next month, and they sleep-deprived us for over 2 years, and one still gets up in the night to sleep with us.  I'm just thankful it's not both of them anymore!  It takes a lot out of you, but they are two little people who will brighten your life even as they make more...
Congrats, J's Mombee!:-)  I hope you are all three doing well.:-)
David finally got to come home on Friday.  No more running to and from the NICU every day!  The first day/night with both of them was pretty tricky, and my hubby lost way more sleep than he expected.LOL But now I think we're settling in a bit.  David is on an apnea monitor, but it doesn't go off very often; he's doing better than he was in the hospital.  Go figure! I'm working at getting them both to breastfeed for all feedings, mostly because I simply don't have...
I'm here.:-)  Lucas has been home for 10 days now, but David is still in the  hospital for another week, at least.  I'm getting really weary of all the travel, especially now that I'm trying to keep up  with breastfeeding Lucas and pumping enough for David. And here I am over 9 weeks post-partum, and I've only lost 13lbs.  What's up with that?  I mean, my boobs are enormous, true, but surely I ought to have lost more of my pregnancy weight by now.  All I can figure is...
congratulations, Becky!
  Starcat, thanks for thinking of me and my babies.  I admit that I find the DDC forum difficult emotionally.  I ought to be pregnant awaiting a peaceful homebirth, not momma to 5 week-old boys.:-(  I've taken to deleting updates most days.  For some reason I bothered to read this thread's updates today.  I do think of all of you often, and try not to be envious for those of you still pregnant.  Twins need all the time in utero they can get! I got the flu Sunday...
Nanette - I want to say please get that checked out.  It's not normal to feel that much pressure, and if you are worried about impending labor, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I had all sorts of signs and premonitions that let me know what was coming, but I tried to brush them all off, and just "get over it". Please take care of yourself and those babies!
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