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HI!   I'm in the upper N.E. and I think zone 5b?  Its nice to see you all. I was getting anxious in the food growing mamas thread. :) I started some things really early march. On my windowsills I have beautiful mini bell peppers going, hot chinese 5 color peppers, and tomatoes which I just repotted because they are enormous!!  I am doing Baker creek seeds this year and have some fun tomatoes. Ananas Noire (pink and green) Black cherries and Delicious ...
The one thing I notice is that you have a lot of space dedicated to summer squash but didn't list how many plants.... Personally I have never needed more than 2 plants and thats with eating, giving away and freezing a LOT. On the other hand, broccoli need just as much space as a summer squash and only produces one head (and offshoots) so I would flip flop those if you want more broccoli. And don't forget that you have to rotate it all next year so I would keep groups...
My ds1 was a decent napper and a horrible nighttime sleeper and ds2 is the opposite. I have never been able to get him to nap well even as a newborn. But he slept great at night! I just learned to cut my losses during the day. When we were finished nursing just before he turned 2 I lost those 20 minute midday nurse naps and he has adjusted quite fine. Falls asleep at night in minutes. I too think that some kids just don't need as much sleep as others. What works for...
Can I join!?  I just did w2d3 this morning. I have had a cold for the last week and I noticed that  have a wicked side stitch the whole way. Really puts a cramp in my breathing. Otherwise I am feeling lighter than air and I have had almost no soreness- but I do a LOT of stretching afterwards.   I'm so excited because I have never been able to stick with running. I always went at it too fast and hurt myself.  
I am anywhere from a 6 to an 11 depending on if its misses or juniors. It is pretty frustrating that sizing varies so much.  I try to stick with only Gap curvy jeans but even THOSE vary! I have a 6 that fits me perfect, and 2 8's that fit me weird in different ways. I wish I knew when the 6's were from (got them at a yard sale) so I could buy more on ebay! I also have 2 pairs of 10's from years ago (non curvy) that fit me pretty good.  
Check out foodgawker.com   They have a lot of Easter inspired ideas right now  (but beware, its totally addicting!!)  
I also like bella luna on facebook!
I like mothering on facebook!  
I read an article that exposed these extreme couponers as committing fraud to make these sales. Without getting into too much detail they were using coupons with higher values on different products that had the same family code. Or using them on the wrong size item. Basicly your cashier would have to be asleep to let these go through. Clearly these stores were letting it happen. So while you can get some sweet deals with coupons, it would be difficult to actually ring up...
never mind.
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