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I live in Raleigh and I too am very interested in learning more about Waldorf education. The only school I am aware of in this area, is the one in Chapel Hill. Hopefully more folks will respond!  
Hi, I live in North Raleigh! I have an 8 month old and I've just started to look into educational options. I'm very interested in Waldorf education and would love to meet up sometime. Did you all have a get together yet?   Thanks!!   Melissa
There is a great clinic at UNC Greensboro that can help. Have her check out their website: http://www.earcentergreensboro.com/audiology/tinnitus_therapy/uncg_tinnitus_clinic.php They saved me! I was going off the deep end with tinnitus a few years ago. Good luck to her.
We are planning to continue co-sleeping at night, but her mattress is for naps. I know 2 people who used crib mattresses for infant montesori beds and there was nothing there to keep the child from rolling off. Both infants rolled off numerous times.
Thanks for the comments so far. Her room is definitely not big enough for anything more than a twin and we want her to become adjusted to sleeping in there so when we move her to own room it will be less of a battle, hopefully. I do not want her napping on our adult bed because I think the danger of her rolling off is much greater than a mattress on the floor. We have a friend's child that rolled off the adult bed despite the pillows blocking the edges, so I'm not...
I have the same situation. My husband cares for our daughter when I'm at work and it's like he is allergic to routine. I'm not even a neat person, and it drives me crazy. He also has some impairments, so it is hard to know what is going on. Some of the things that have worked for us is having it come from someone else "an authority figure" about how important the orderly environment and routine are for children -- in a book, a therapist, professional organizer, etc. We...
Hi there. My DD has been co-sleeping since birth and is now 6 months old. She is an awful sleeper! :( We just got a naturepedic twin mattress for her room for naps for now, but wondering if I can get some tips on safety and setting it up? I believe it is higher off the floor than recommended for one, so is that ok? Can I put stuff around it in case she rolls off? Should I put something around the wall where the mattress meets it, in case she knocks her head on the wall?...
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