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ing this for you, to see if someone else can help!
I'm not sure if Vitex will help ovulation, but it does help balance your hormones, so may in turn help ovulation. I'm 20 and have taken it with no problems, I'm not sure it has anything to do with age. There are several "suggestions" from different sources for taking it. Some say from CD1 until O, others say from CD1 until AF, others still say CD1 through the first trimester... It's up to you to do the research and decide what you feel comfortable with. As for dosage,...
 ing this so hopefully someone else will be able to help! 
I'd probably say you should try and get a blood test, if you can swing it. If not, try another test, maybe a digital? Good luck!
  Do any other midwives do this? Such an interesting idea! Do you just provide towels, or do you provide sheets, etc? I know sometimes towels can be a struggle for families, since we tend to need quite a few and often they only have enough for their family.
What size oxygen tank(s) do you have and how did you decide on that size?? Trying to price some things but I just realized I don't know what size I'll need!   TIA. :)
I charge $550 for the free consult, 2 prenatal meetings, the birth, and 1 postpartum. Of course if a mom is really needing extra support, I'll make extra visits for free. Every now and then I'll run a promotion where I include placenta encapsulation for my doula clients. I normally charge $150 for encapsulation.
Yep, definitely warrants a call to your midwife.
Could I please be moved to Waiting to Be Ready? We are taking a TTC break. I'm going to be very busy here in the next few months (up to a year, even!) with midwifery and trying to get my schooling finished up. I am so ready to be a practicing midwife! So I'm going to be taking that time to get my hormones figured out, back to regular charting, and hopefully regular cycles again! You'll all still be in my thoughts, and I'll most likely still be around. I can't wait to see...
Thanks for the new thread!
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