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In a perfect world, I'd go with your gut feeling and not think twice about working with someone you don't get along with. But I know opportunities can be far and few in between, so if you think you might have any troubles finding a midwife to assist when you're done with your education, I'd take the opportunity. I've turned down apprenticeships because they weren't a "perfect" fit, and I sort of regret doing so because it's so hard to find something in my area and I know...
Birth Emergency Skills Training comes in a Kindle version on Amazon for only $10. By the time you pay postage two ways, you'll probably spend more than that.   As for the rest, I'd say just save up and buy one of them at a time. You can buy used (check half.com or other students) for a fraction of the price. It's really worth it to buy your own, you'll refer to them often in your studies and practice. It stinks, because books are so darn expensive, but it's worth it...
Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss.  Please take care of yourself while you heal.   AFM, tested yesterday and today with FMU and they were both BFNs. So I'm at CD31 now and still getting negatives, I think it's safe to say I'm out this cycle.    Good luck to everyone in the TWW!
LittleKind, maybe a blood test would be helpful? That way you can know basically for sure if you are pregnant. When I had a cyst rupture for the first time, it was about a week before AF was expected. She was a bit delayed by it. The second time I had one rupture was during AF, so obviously she wasn't bothered. :P I do know that progesterone can hold your period at bay, especially if you only stopped yesterday.    AFM, still no AF, she's due today at the latest....
Thanks for the new thread! Congrats Sarah! Happy and healthy nine months!    AFM, I tested Friday afternoon and Saturday with FMU, and both were BFN. So I'm pretty sure we're out this cycle, but I'll stay where I am until AF comes. You never know.
Homebirth midwives should NOT be intubating, sorry. It is a very invasive procedure and require great skill to get it right, especially in a newborn. Even if you were trained in the theory of intubating, you would never see enough cases in a homebirth practice to become remotely skilled at it. 
This has some great info. http://www.indiebirth.com/4-questions/ I don't doubt that Maryn would be happy to talk with you more about it via email as well, if you're interested. :)
Can anyone tell me what it's like in these areas? Any natural food/health shops? Any midwives in the area? TIA! :)
When is everyone planning on testing?? I was planning on waiting until I missed AF, since it seems like such a waste of money otherwise, but I had some pink tinge earlier and now I'm thinking it could be implantation! So might plan on testing on Sunday, which would put me at 12dpo approximately.
Thanks for the new thread, anyalily!   My goals right now besides TTC are completing my midwifery education and saving to buy a house back east. We love the west coast, we were both born and raised here, but all of my family is from a small town in PA. I really love it there, and DH does too, so that's where we're headed! Hoping to get there in the next year or two.
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