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How are everyone's studies going? :) I am in AAMI Phase 3, trying to finish this up and get it submitted in January. My Annual Report is due in March, so I think that's a good goal. :) In my apprenticeship, we're waiting for two babies and then that's it for the year! I can't believe I've been an apprentice for 7 months already, time really flies. 
hjarboe: I haven't complete MTB, I'm still in the beginning stages actually! Sorry i can't be of more help. :)    I'm loving AAMI right now! All of the extras that come with enrollment are so valuable, and it is set up to help you in your future practice, instead of working for years on something that you'll never look back on. Tuition is going up in January I believe, so if any of you are thinking of making the leap, now is the time!
So you're making two contracts?   Why not just simplify things and make one contract, specifically for their situation. I would have it include all of the on call time starting asap, then the prenatals, birth, and etc. like normal. I wouldn't charge less if it were me, since you're going to be doing a lot of work being on call for the next 6-8 weeks potentially.   If she does end up having a section, I'd still call myself her doula, even if you aren't going to be...
Yay John16n33! Good luck this cycle!    samy - For an OPK to be positive, the test line needs to be as close to the control line color as possible, or darker. So it sounds like your getting positives! :)   AFM - 6dpo here. Been having some crampy discomfort, kinda hard to explain. If I was optimistic, I'd say it's implantation, but I'm not really sure. 
Welcome happybunny! I hope your stay with us is short. :)   Jillgayle - Congrats! Happy and healthy nine months!!    samy - Thinking of you.    AFM - 3dpo, so nothing really to report. Not planning on testing until 16dpo or so, if I make it that far. I think we gave ourselves the best chance we could this month, with the fertilitea and BD plenty, so we'll see how it goes. In my midwifery apprenticeship, we're waiting on two babies to be born, I can't wait to...
Pretty confident I O'd Wednesday, please move me to Waiting to Know. Good luck to everyone else in the TWW! 
Congrats Banana! 
Vitex really helped me after my miscarriage, helping my body to regulate again. I took 2 capsules a day. Now I'm drinking the Fertilitea, which has chaste tree berry in it (Vitex). My last AF was light and cramp free, compared to my normal heavy flow and constant cramping. Some say that it can affect your cycle length negatively if you have pretty regular periods, but it hasn't for me so far.
I'm a little late, but happy birthday Anyalily! 
Hi DiaperJunkie! Hopefully you're stay here is a very, very short one! ;)
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