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I'm not ready for it either, lol
Please share! I would love to know how others meal plan.
Welcome! We are so glad to have you here. I hope you check out our various areas including moms in your area http://www.mothering.com/community/f/77/florida-georgia-alabama
I plan meals just for two of use, but as you know we frequently have visitors, I would love to have a meal planning thread. I think it would make my kinda throw together meal times more efficient. Any suggestions in this area?   Mondays~ I usually cook extra over the weekend so I often have left over rice, so Mondays could be rice and veg day, healthier fried rice, something like that.   Or we could do meal planning 101. I mostly just cook dinners, and a big breakfast...
These are great ideas! Thanks and keep 'em coming!
Oh, I totally get that! I am the super curious type too.
I should have also included the idea of non binary gender and also gender roles.
When I was pregnant and for my clients, it really isn't much of a THING to know. Parents will find out eventually, right? I really like the idea of a surprise. Along with liking the idea of a surprise, the tests indicating outside gender don't indicate inside gender and I think can be misleading (there maybe a better word than misleading, but that is what I can come up with...)
I think of myself as someone who like pokey, would have more female medical people then male and I do generally, except my (rarely seen) family MD is a man and wonderful. Which is why I probably am reluctant to find a different one and live in fear of him retiring. But I think much of how I feel about health care providers is wrapped up in my families history of being a health provider. I am, my mother, grandfather, and generations back are all health care providers.
How clean is good enough? I do UFYH (the non short hand is a UA violation). And it is super super helpful for me. What do you all expect from the kids IRT cleaning their bedrooms? DS keeps his fairly clean but I do ask for a dish round up about every other day. It's like he doesn't see them or something. LOL
New Posts  All Forums: