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I am a 36i and also have trouble fitting nursing tops as you described. I was able to get some nursing sleep bras (from Motherhood Maternity in a L) that fit fairly well... I lived in those until I got a nursing bra when I wanted to start going out. I think the Bravado are the most comfortable nursing bras of the smaller band / large cup options I've tried. I know I've seen a 34 H/I from them, but they may have smaller bands.
With my daughter (13 months), it's also hard to keep her focus on nursing, especially the last couple months. For her, it helps to nurse in the same places with as few distractions as possible (quiet room by ourselves). Unless she is very hungry, she will now only nurse well in our nursing chair, the car, or in our bed at night. In other places she is far too curious and wants to play and explore. I don't think they're ready to wean at this age, there is just so much...
I'm also a fan of Bella Luna Toys now.
We also had luck with a Green Sprouts straw cup around one year. Dd refused a bottle or sippy cup of pumped milk before that, but she likes the straw cup. Our ped recommended only giving her pumped milk in the straw cup so she doesn't only want it for water.
I've found that my daughter (12 months) likes to be snuggled against me when she's cool, but she likes her own space when she's toasty warm. She sleeps in cotton, but adding a layer seems to help if I need a little extra space. Just recently she started rolling into the side-carred crib after nursing! Previously it was more of a space buffer / railing so we could at least use every inch of our queen bed... but on her own she started rolling onto it and sprawling out! ...
My dd is twelve months now, and she has very naturally and slowly transitioned towards more independent sleep. Whereas she also used to nurse to sleep for naps, wake at 40 minutes and nurse to sleep again, now during naps she usually just rolls over at that time and settles into a comfortable position. During that transition (which happened over months), sometimes she would open her eyes briefly and check I was there, other days she needed to nurse. Just wanted to let...
That's great that you were able to shift to such a positive mindset! Keep the good thoughts coming!
Since your bras are custom made, they could probably be made as nursing bras with clasps in the front. I've seen directions online for converting regular bras to be nursing bras. This would allow access for nursing or pumping.
It might help if there is something to distract you from your anxieties. I know when I am anxious if I'm not distracted it just keeps building until it feels out-of-control. If you don't normally do meditation-type activities, I realize it may sound far-fetched, but during pregnancy I realized how effective a little breathing and guided relaxation can be with anxiety. Can you listen to a relaxation cd or track while breastfeeding? Either meditation type music or a...
Congratulations Mama! We recently passed the one year mark too.
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