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My nipples were also cracked and a little bloody from constant nursing when my daughter was just born. I think I was just raw, rather than a latch issue (but we did get that checked too). I used olive oil on my nipples and they healed pretty quickly. Congratulations Mama!
I don't have any answers to your questions, but I wanted to ask... do you have the option of switching pediatricians? We have a very breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician and I think that might make a huge difference! Everything I've read says that babies with digestive problems do worse on formula, so I would follow your instincts and keep breastfeeding for sure. I hope you find some relief for your little one!
I already don't eat dairy, but for my daughter wheat made her reflux much worse. The difference was definitely noticeable, especially in retrospect (I wasn't certain so I tried to reintroduce wheat and then I felt awful). Cutting wheat did not fix her reflux entirely, but she had less painful crying episodes. When I tried to reintroduce wheat or when I accidentally ate some she would be fussy or crying again after nursing. It does seem to take about 1-2 weeks for even...
The advice I usually hear to stimulate milk production and encourage breastfeeding is to "take your baby to bed" - ie. spend your days and nights as close to your baby as possible and have as much skin-to-skin time as possible. Are you still nursing before you supplement or are you able to use an SNS? Also, can you see a lactation consultant to check on your little one's latch? In the early weeks, my daughter frequently nursed constantly, but she was gaining weight so I...
Hugs Mama! I'm sorry you're having breastfeeding trouble. What worked for us when dd started biting was to make sure she always had a really good latch. I had to go back to the early breastfeeding practice of breaking the latch and trying again if it wasn't a great latch. Maybe we had both gotten lazy about our latching practices as things got easier? At a La Leche League meeting another mom mentioned that they can't bite if they're latched well; they tend to bite...
I already like Mothering on facebook!
I would love to win a Beco! Educating DH about the benefits of babywearing was enough to get him to try it... seeing how content our daughter is when worn, and how easy it is to get things done, ensures that he keeps wearing her. When wearing their daughter, my friend's partner jokes that he's just keeping her off the pole!
A couple times she was not offered pumped milk and she did fine, but she did not have any fluids those times. She eats very little solids (maybe a tablespoon or less at a time). She likes tasting my food, but she always nurses after a meal of solids, so I don't think she is interested in filling up with solids. I guess my concern is that not leaving milk will push her to increase her solids before she's ready. When I'm with her, she still usually nurses every 2 hours...
I was curious how this is going for you? I'm two weeks into our new arrangement (working mornings for 2-3 hours) and finding it really difficult to pump. I'm considering having her wait to nurse until I get home and snacking with water/solids while I am gone, or maybe a nut milk. It's usually about 3 hours, potentially a little more. I guess my concern is that it would contribute to early weaning or increased solids before she's ready.
Dd was born at 41 weeks, but I had contractions every 5 minutes for a full week.
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