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I don't think the family is asking for anyone's sympathy, just for a fair process. The girl had an injury that was an acknowledged vaccine injury a month before she filed (and at the the time of her injury.) Her diagnosis was suddenly removed from the acknowledged injury list with no explanation. Not being allowed to cross-examine witnesses, being denied the right of discovery as well as being denied a jury stacks the deck against the families. The one person deciding...
    Vaccine court has its own rules and is not an open or easy process for the petitioners.     A good article here about the case:   http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_724106.html    
I would be highly offended at such a gift. The whole agenda of that book is to denigrate vegetarians. Get her a book like The China Study, or Eat to Live  - a book backed up by actual science.
I lost a beloved cat this way. He developed a cancerous tumor at injection point that spread to his organs.     Also, veterinarians were the first to notice "vaccinosis" - the over-vaccinating of pets and began to use caution. I wish pediatricians would take a cue. Instead they keep expanding the already bloated pediatric vaccine schedule and wonder why so many more kids suffer from chronic illness.
It would be nice (and even more accurate) if they replaced "immunize" with "breastfeed".
I hope the first person who is inevitably injured by a employmer mandated vaccine sues that pants off that employer. Vaccine manufacturers are shielded from lawsuits, but private employers who would require a medical intervention would not be immune from liability. In fact, I wonder what these employers would do if you first gave them a document to sign that they acknowledge the risks and would be held responsible for damages should they occur. I am pretty sure they would...
I think the fact that he sold his shares rather than just recuse himself shows that he WANTED to be able to vote on this case, which makes me suspicious. Justice Roberts is extremely pro-corporate and I fear it is a given which way he will rule on this. For some interesting background reading on the formation of the 1986 law shielding vaccine manufacturers, check out this article: http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/10/h...ine-court.html
"It wasn't a good fit for us."
There has been some interesting research recently comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated monkeys. Discussed here: http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/09/p...-primates.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Astral Mama The effect they were measuring for -- like so many previous studies -- was whether thimerosal exposure is correlated to diagnosis with ASDs. The evidence that it's not is overwhelming. If some portion of the population were particularly sensitive to thimerosal, for whatever reason, at least one of these studies would likely have shown there to be some overall correlation -- even if it was only true of a...
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