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Is this vaccine contagious?  I have a 2 week old at home...not sure if I wanted her coming here to help with baby...   Thanks!
That makes sense. I just have to check expiration but I don't think it will last DS2 through the years. The frontier is a nice option I thought since it harnesses until 85lbsand boosters to 120. What could be better than that! Thanks for the help! This is only coming up now because I realized how short lived the infant seat was for us so I know within 7 months, I have to decide what to do. Figured I'd do my research now while I have the time before baby gets here!
My head is now spinning, LOL. So did you mean if my son could last in his current seat for another (minimum 2 years) until ds2 could go in it FF? I'm thinking I need to get a new seat for DS2 when he is about 7 months as the infant carrier won't last past that ( that expires around that age anyway as it was DS1 old seat). I think there may be another 2 years left on my marathon so it doesn't make sense to pass that one down to DS2, kwim?That's why I like the idea of the...
Just comforable/trusting of the brand I suppose. It's what I'm used to...I figured I'd stick wIth it...
Hello, need help with this one.  DS is currently in a Britax Marathon (classic - up to 65lbs) and is going to be 4 in May.  I'm due in about a week or so with DS #2 and will have him in an infant carrier.     When DS 1 was about 7 months old, we moved him into the Marathon rear facing since he quickly outgrew the infant seat length wise.  I was originally thinking when DS 2 is 7 months or so, we'd move him into DS 1's seat, but the expiration date marked on the seat...
It's just Toms of Maine lavender scented deodorant.  I love the lavender scent but read that it's better to be safe to lay off bath products that contain lavender oil while pregnant/nursing for some reason.  Oh well...it's always something!
I just read (briefly) that lavender should be avoided in the first tri but some say to avoid it altogether.  I have been using Toms of Maine Lavender scented deodorant for a while now...is that still okay?   I've been thinking about trying the Kiss my Face Lavender deodorant (the bar not the liquid).  Anything I need to know before I purchase since I'm due in 3 weeks and will be extended breastfeeding for some time...   Thanks!
Never looked into it that far but I have to believe it's better than the leading mainstream brands (secret, suave etc).  No one said anything harmful about the Arm N Hammer and I have to believe Toms of Maine's products are a bit more natural than an Arm N Hammer product...I would hope at least, LOL. Either way, I'm still comfortable with my Toms Deodorant considering it doesn't have a lot of nasty stuff in it that most deodorants do.  I do so much to avoid so many harsh...
Well, my dad is coming over and making it for us, so it's already bought.  I'm pretty sure he didn't get the nitrate free one, knowing him.   I'll just have a taste and gorge on cabbage and potatoes...:(   Thanks!
I've just been using Tom's of Maine (Lavender scent and its lovely) natural deodorant.  It's aluminum free.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  Hence, I still sweat but I don't think I stink in the least!
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