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 I make chicken broth from scratch because it tastes better and it is so so healthy for my family.  The same benefits will not be derived from canned broth or bouillon cubes.  I think most people who post in Traditional Foods make broth for the same reason.  It is so easy, why buy canned??  
Hi all, I usually make chicken broth with my chicken carcasses after we've eaten the meat.  However, I can't keep up with demand for broth that way, so I've purchased organic chicken backs and necks to make broth with.  Question: Do I roast the chicken first (as I would with beef bones) or do I just throw them in the pot with veg and herbs?  Any recipes or techniques would also be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!
Growbaby, I have sent you a friend request to add you to the group. aHikaru and SteelTig, just want to confirm that you received invites.  
Haha, I asked DS what mama moot tastes like once, and he got this goofy little grin on his face and told me "It tastes like chocolate and candy."  So having a chocolate side totally makes sense!
DS1 calls my breasts "moots" because they make "mama moot".  We (as in DH and I) called it mama milk and when he was a young toddler he pronounced milk "moot".  So that stuck and when he wants to nurse he still asks for "moot" or "mama moot".  I remember once going into Victoria Secret when he was about maybe 2 years old.  He looked around, got this look on his face, and said "mooooots"     He also calls his favored side "the front" and his less favorite side "the back"....
I vacuum with baby in the carrier.  My floor gets vacuumed daily because the movement and white noise always put him to sleep, otherwise I'm not sure it would get done!  I kind of bounce and rock him while I vaccuum.  It always worked on DS1 as well.  So at least one chore gets done around here on a regular basis!
I think the fleece is the way to go.  Down will be waaay warmer than you need.  I agree with PPs, the easiest way to keep them warm is to buy either a baby wearing jacket (pretty expensive though!) or an oversized jacket of appropriate weight/warmth for the temperature that you can zip around you both.  Then babe benefits from your body heat and vice versa.  I also found baby legs really great for winter baby wearing because their pant legs tend to hike up in the Ergo so...
Exact same for me!  DS1 is still nursing (nursed through my pregnancy, still nursing at 3.5yrs.)  I was hoping for the same intensity when DS2 was born and while I still get a feeling of relaxation when nursing DS2 (not DS1, and in fact sometimes have some nursing aversion with DS1) it is not even a fraction as strong.
This only discusses negative reactions.  Do you know if it's the same thing when it's a euphoric reaction?  My feelings were of intense relaxation, nothing negative.
@TwilightJoy can you PM me your FB name or post it here so I can send you a friend request?  I need to be your "friend" to add you to the group!  Thanks! 
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