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Great story Kate!  I had to give a dry laugh to them wanting you to "just wait" until your doctor arrived!! Well done mama!!
Yay!  Congrats Alaskanmomma!  Glad that the pool was helpful, I can't wait to read your birth story!   So, I called my Dad yesterday morning, and then spoke to my mom in the afternoon.  My dad had a lot of questions about our decision which I tried to answer to the best of my ability.  He was, of course, worried about "what if the worst possible case scenario happens"?  My best answer is that our midwife is trained to watch for danger signs and get me to the hospital...
For something to protect the mattress/topper, I highly recommend the wool covers from St.Dormier.  They are totally machine washable.  We have them on all of our beds, including the crib, and love them.  They would get you away from the "plastic" feeling, for sure, but if your matress isn't comfortable will not provide a lot of cushion.  Looks like lots of sites sell them if you google St.Dormier.
Good luck Katie!  Praying that you have an uneventful surgery and that the babes are healthy, breathing well on their own and that you all recover quickly!
That sounds delicious Kate! Totally need to make some chocolate sauce as soon as that pineapple on my counter is ripe and cross my fingers it works for me too!
Congratulations Kate and welcome Elodie! I've been wondering who would be next!!
I don't have experience with changing course, but read your post and just wanted to encourage you to follow your instinct/intuition.  It is grounded in all that you know from professional work as well as your own personal sense of knowing.  I would go with that.  Also, do you have to change courses yet?  Can you just continue shadow care with the OB, or do you need to decide soon?  You are only 17 weeks, so you have a long time to go yet.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts.  I still haven't decided what I am doing. I am sure that my mom is freaked out because she thinks HB is dangerous.  She doesn't know anything about HB, or about the qualifications of midwives in my province or of my midwife in particular.  With my dad, I could have an adult conversation, present him with information and explain why I've made the decision, and he would treat me with respect and respect my decision.  My mom will yell at...
Well, my mother now knows we are having a homebirth.   Long story short, she asked me directly if I was having the baby at home, and I couldn't lie to her.  She essentially said, "Ok, well, I'm going to let you go now."  and hung up.  Sigh....The good thing is she didn't have a melt down and freak out at me over the phone.  The bad thing is that now she knows and she's probably at home bawling her eyes out and she'll freak out at me some time in the near future.  I...
I have bought some stuff at thrift stores, but haven't had a ton of luck finding nice clothes for a good price.  I think girls clothes would maybe be easier to find.  The true "thrift" stores don't have much nice stuff because a lot of people take the nice stuff to consignment and then drop what the consignment place won't take because it is too worn or stained off at the thrift stores.  I have purchased a few things at the consignment store, but find I can do almost as...
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